WCA Conference Addresses Critical Challenges

During the World Cement Association’s (WCA) Annual Conference last month in Dubai, industry leaders highlighted two critical challenges facing the sector: widespread overcapacity and the transition to a net-zero carbon future.

“It was a pleasure to host our annual event in Dubai again, and I’m pleased to note the productive and collaborative discussions that took place, with many delegates highlighting the engaging and informative nature of the event,” said Ian Riley, WCA’s CEO.

The conference’s interactive design encouraged audience involvement in panel discussions, fostering collaborative conversations on a variety of topics such as how to develop and execute a successful M&A strategy, overcoming the barriers to increase the use of alternative fuels, and the changing needs of customers. Additionally, the conference explored the role decarbonization can play in addressing the issue of overcapacity. 

Speakers discussed the opportunity to supply carbon to a post-fossil carbon chemical industry when current hydrocarbon feedstock is no longer available. They also explored the short-term potential for closer integration with steel and power generation sectors to enhance the utilization of slag and fly ash. Furthermore, delegates examined the current and potential impact of carbon trading systems, and expressed optimism that these systems are improving in design and will help the industry in reaching a profitable and sustainable future. 

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