GCCA Launches Entrepreneur Network

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) launched the third program in its Innovandi brand: the Innovandi Entrepreneur Network, which brings together start-ups that are specializing in accelerating the decarbonization of the cement and concrete industry.

“Innovation can help unlock our net-zero future. We recognize the vital role start-ups play in that transition and very much hope start-ups will join our entrepreneur network. Only by working together and through collaboration will we achieve our shared goals,” said Thomas Guillot, chief executive of the GCCA.

The Innovandi Entrepreneur Network will provide a platform to access the Innovandi mentorship program and network with peers and GCCA members, as well as access first-hand information on the Innovandi Open Challenge. U.S.-based technology firm Fortera is one of the first companies to join the network. 

The other Innovandi programs are the Global Cement and Concrete Research Network and the Open Challenge. The former provides a platform for academia and industry to collaborate on pre-competitive research, while the Open Challenge is a unique accelerator that formally partners member companies with start-ups from around the world to speed up the development of innovative decarbonization technologies across the concrete value chain.

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