WCA Supports Government Commitments at COP28 

The World Cement Association (WCA) has endorsed global government efforts to advance low-carbon cement and concrete production, which were announced at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

The commitments made by Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States – member countries of the Industrial Deep Decarbonization Initiative (IDDI) – include adopting timebound commitments to procure low-emission cement and concrete as well as steel. This pledge aligns with the WCA’s initiative to support a sustainable cement industry, encouraging technical development and innovation by its members to help achieve full decarbonization by 2050.

The collective commitment of IDDI members to leverage their considerable national purchasing power to drive demand for low and near-zero emission materials is a welcomed pledge to accelerate the decarbonization efforts of heavy industries globally.

“The World Cement Association has always emphasized the need for immediate and collaborative action between government and industry to make carbon-negative concrete a reality at scale. Creating demand for low-emission materials is essential for decarbonization. Now is the moment to work together to make necessary progress this decade,” said Ian Riley, WCA chief executive.

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