WCA Calls for Connectivity and Communication in Decarbonization Efforts

Following the historic agreement to reduce fossil fuels consumption at the recent 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (COP28), the World Cement Association (WCA) has called on the promotion of low-carbon development through enhanced connectivity and communication. 

The association noted that diverse technologies and pathways are employed in different countries and regions, reflecting local geographic, market and economic conditions. For example, the European cement industry uses around 50% alternative fuels, and the European producers have rich experience in this field. In Asia, especially in China, cement companies have been faster and more ambitious in adopting new technology R&D and application; China’s cement industry leads global peers in solar power and waste heat recovery (WHR) technologies.

“Despite these advances, an evident disparity exists in the allocation of public funding for emerging technologies like carbon capture projects, with a significant majority directed toward developed countries,” said WCA President Wei Rushan. “This imbalance underscores the critical need for more research and development funding in emerging markets, where there is real demand for this kind of support as a crucial enabler of progress.”

He continued, “WCA members come from both developed countries and developing ones. We not only have cement and clinker producers as our members, but also engineering companies, technology providers and equipment suppliers. Via the WCA platform, members stay connected, communicate new ideas and key developments, and share carbon-reduction technologies, information and best practices.”

Wei said the association will continue to proactively promote exchanges and collaborations to advance the low-carbon and sustainable development of the cement industry and contribute to building a clean, safe and beautiful world.

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