Continental Cement Adds CemAI Solution to Hannibal Plant

Continental Cement, a subsidiary of Summit Materials, has teamed up with CemAI to install the latter’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution at its Hannibal, Mo., plant. Combining a unique licensed software with a continuous monitoring and incident resolution service will further enhance its cement manufacturing performance.

“We considered a number of approaches to utilizing our data to improve our maintenance efforts, eliminate downtime and increase equipment reliability,” said Timothy J. Noud, vice president of manufacturing, Continental Cement. “CemAI offers a cement-centric, end-to-end machine learning/artificial intelligence service solution.”

The CemAI solution uses Continental Cement’s existing historical and real-time manufacturing data and applies machine learning, artificial intelligence, and remote monitoring by cement experts to complement the expertise of Continental’s local plant maintenance and reliability teams. The robust solution brings plant maintenance into the digital age.

“CemAI is proud to be collaborating with an industry leader on innovative ways to use data,” added CemAI CEO Scott Ziegle. “We thank Continental Cement for their confidence in the CemAI solution to provide increased efficiency, improved reliability and optimized operations.”

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