Climate Startups Launch Decarbonized Cement and Concrete Alliance

Ten companies aiming to reduce emissions in cement and concrete production have launched the Decarbonized Cement and Concrete Alliance (DC2), a first-of-its-kind, U.S. coalition dedicated to growing awareness around policies that will accelerate the adoption of CO2-wise solutions.

Founding Decarbonized Cement and Concrete Alliance (DC2) members are commercializing technologies that a) offer organic or inorganic alternatives for full or partial portland cement substitution or b) mineralize CO2 for use as supplementary cementitious material, aggregate or concrete matrix filler. 

“DC2 imagines a cleaner climate through innovation, collaboration, and a shared understanding that every community will benefit from low-carbon technology,” said Connor Woodrich of Fortera.

Charter DC2 members alongside Fortera are Biomason, Blue Planet Systems, Brimstone, CarbonBuilt, Chement, Minus Materials, Queens Carbon, Sublime Systems and Terra CO2. Through promotion and advocacy, they will introduce new ways to create low-carbon construction materials, addressing future capacity needs by scaling up the industrial base, creating new clean cement and concrete jobs, and promoting environmental justice throughout this industry-wide transition.

The DC2 launch times with a critical moment in policy following the Department of Energy’s fall 2023 release of “Pathways to Commercial Liftoff: Low-Carbon Cement,” which underscores the urgent need to decarbonize these vital sectors.

“We recognize we are greater than the sum of our parts as individual companies,” said Joe Hicken of Sublime Systems. “Together at DC2 we have a powerful voice in advocating that the public sector uses its outsize buying influence to prioritize clean concrete procurement and bankable contract structures that give private investors the confidence in financing our scaling efforts.”

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