New BinMaster Sensor is Revolutionary

BinMaster recently launched the NCR-86, a groundbreaking radar level sensor designed to streamline bulk material inventory management. The NCR-86, paired with BinCloud software, becomes a singular solution for measuring any solid or liquid commodity across vessels and sites, all accessible through a single login.

The sensor adapts to any level measurement application, providing 1-mm accuracy for solids, powders, or liquids of varying bulk density or specific gravity. Data updates in seconds despite dust, foam, steam, or condensation.

It offers a simple Bluetooth setup using a BinDisc or the BinMaster Sensor App, optionally connected to the user’s phone or PC, facilitating easy installation. Wireless and solar gateways, long-range transceivers, and HART consolidator modules help reduce system costs and complexity, according to the manufacturer.

Once installed, BinMaster connects the NCR-86 radar level sensor to the BinCloud inventory management system. This allows users to log in and view inventory, receive alerts, and generate reports for any commodity, at any site, during any defined time. Furthermore, the sensor employs advanced technology to combat cyberattacks, adhering to the highest IT security standards set by the process industry.

Available with plastic, aluminum or stainless-steel housings and a variety of seal material options, the NCR-86 is rugged, durable and certified to a variety of hazardous approval standards.


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