Cemex Joins the CCS+ Initiative

Cemex is the first company in the cement industry to join the CCS+ Initiative, a multi-stakeholder platform developing a comprehensive carbon accounting framework for certifying industrial carbon projects. 

The framework aims to encompass solutions for carbon capture, utilization, storage, and removal, contributing to the decarbonization of industrial value chains.

Cemex is providing its expertise to develop modules for the carbon accounting of long-term CO2 storage in durable products such as cement, concrete and aggregates, supporting the development of carbon accounting methodologies and leveraging carbon markets to incentivize their scale-up. 

The company is currently running several CCUS innovation projects that aim to accelerate the creation of new technologies and enable the implementation of current ones at an industrial scale. 

The CCS+ Initiative brings together more than 55 organizations in the industrial carbon management space, from large industrial players to innovative start-ups and trade associations and international organizations in an advisory capacity.

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