Ash Grove Finalizes Martin Marietta Asset Purchase

Ash Grove, a CRH Company, closed on purchasing a cement plant and four terminals from Martin Marietta’s South Texas business. 

The $2.1 billion transaction includes the Hunter cement plant in New Braunfels, Texas, with a capacity of 2.1 million tons and more than 140 years of limestone cement reserves, and four terminals: three in the Houston metropolitan area and one terminal in Beaumont, Texas.

“Securing these resources bolsters Ash Grove’s status in Texas and amplifies our presence in a rapidly expanding market,” said Serge Schmidt, Ash Grove president. “The Hunter facility’s high-quality assets align with our long-term focused growth plans. These assets will also enable us to participate more significantly in Texas as we pursue our vision to develop sustainable solutions that build, connect and improve our world.”

Overall, the facilities acquired by CRH include the Hunter plant and terminals placed in the Americas Cement (Ash Grove) business and 20 concrete plants, serving the Austin and San Antonio markets, placed in the American Materials business.

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