Dragon Cement Alters Maine Plant Closure

After announcing last year that its Thomaston, Maine, cement plant was ending production, Dragon Products Co., a subsidiary of Giant Cement, will now shift the operation into a distribution center for imported cement, according to local media.

“Dragon Cement is transitioning its business model from manufacturing to distribution and storage, effective in the second quarter of this year,” said Thomaston Town Manager Kara George. “Cement will now be imported from Spain to Searsport, Maine, and then transported to Thomaston. This strategic shift is driven by the cost effectiveness of international importing compared to local manufacturing.”

“Dragon Cement reaffirms its commitment to our community. Despite recent layoffs, the Thomaston plant remains operational, and the company continues to honor its commitments to our town. It is important to note that Dragon Cement has no intention of abandoning the plant, nor selling their property. This underscores the company’s long-term commitment to our community despite operational changes,” George concluded.

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