PCA: Portland-Limestone Cement Now Permitted by All State DOTs

With the recent approval by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, portland-limestone cement (PLC) is now universally accepted by all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

“This milestone is a huge step forward for sustainable American construction. Switching to portland-limestone cement promises to save millions of tons of CO2,” said Mike Ireland, president and CEO of the Portland Cement Association (PCA). “Using a lower-emission product that meets all the performance requirements of traditional cement means the construction sector can build with durability, safety and sustainability in mind.”

Florida DOT approved Type IL cement (PLC) for 17,000-plus yards of ready mixed required for pier and other cast-in-place concrete structures on the Bayway Bridge, a Pinellas County project completed in 2021. Photo: PCA/Greenercement.com

PCA noted that in 2023 alone, U.S. cement producers avoided emitting more than 4 million metric tons of CO2 by incorporating PLC and other blended cement alternatives. The approval milestone arrives as transportation agencies are stepping up consumption as funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is used to rehabilitate roads and bridges.

The Connecticut DOT move reflects the growing adoption and availability of PLC, as well as efforts to reduce construction’s carbon footprint. This shift toward sustainable construction materials is a positive step toward transitioning to a green built environment and is a trend that is expected to continue to grow, with recent U.S. Geological Survey data revealing that the U.S. market share for PLC surpassed that of traditional portland cement in June 2023.

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