CNCA Applauds Emissions Reduction Bill

The California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA) commended the introduction of AB 2109 by Assemblymember Juan Carrillo as a vital step forward in decarbonizing the state’s cement production by 2045.

The bill would permit cement producers in California to capture heat emitted during the manufacturing process and use it to create electricity that can be used on-site, giving cement plants access to carbon-free power. The process is a lever in CNCA’s roadmap to carbon neutrality.

“California’s cement producers have long been part of the decarbonization solution, working with environmental groups and legislators on landmark bills that guide the cement sector to net zero,” said Tom Tietz, executive director of CNCA. “Allowing cement plants to repurpose this lost heat would not only drastically cut plant emissions, but also give manufacturers a source of electricity that is totally carbon free.”

Tietz continued, “We applaud Assemblymember Carrillo’s introduction of the bill, and we look forward to working with the legislature, NGOs, and other stakeholders in support of passing this crucial legislation. The California cement industry has long been at the forefront of reducing emissions while the materials we create stand the test of time, and we constantly attempt to ensure that our business is evolving to meet the state’s needs, which we believe AB 2109 does.”

CNCA’s collaboration with legislators, environmental NGOs, and additional stakeholders has made California a national leader in decarbonizing the cement sector while growing the economy.

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