Bruks Siwertell Unveils New Service Agreements

Bruks Siwertell launched new, next-generation planned service agreements that are scalable to achieve optimal operational and maintenance strategies.

“Our service agreements for bulk handling equipment allow an operator to focus on their core business, while benefiting from maintenance budget predictability, effective planning and scheduling, lower service costs and peace of mind, resting in the knowledge that an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expert is on hand if needed,” said Daniel Frostberg, service director, Bruks Siwertell. “These new service agreements allow customers and partners to truly tailor the services that we offer to their desired levels of service support.”

The service agreements comprise seven key areas: inspections; maintenance; remote assistance; Siwertell Smartview; spare parts management; training and education; and operational management. Within each of these, customers can choose the depth of support that they require.

“This ensures a double benefit, customers do not pay for something that they do not need, and also, by ensuring that agreements are highly tailored, customers profit from cost-effective maintenance strategies that maintain assets in peak condition,” Frostberg added.   

Operators can also benefit from the introduction of remote diagnostics and support within these new agreements. This remote support, accessed via a number of methods from phone to video calls, makes a global network of dry bulk handling experts rapidly available for problem-solving suggestions and guidance.

Other digital advances encompassed in these new agreements are scheduled for launch shortly and include remote connection to the equipment’s programmable logic controller (PLC) for easy troubleshooting, and Siwertell Smartview, which is a cloud-based industrial Internet of things (IIoT) system. It is planned for phased integration into Siwertell dry bulk handling technology and can monitor real-time operational parameters such as tons of material handled.

“Customers are at the heart of our business, and a key part of our commitment to them is ensuring that we offer global, through-life support, so that when we are needed, we respond. This responsiveness is now enhanced through these next-generation agreements; customers benefit from support on their terms,” concluded Frostberg.

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