Cemex, MPP to Accelerate Decarbonization Effort

Cemex and the Mission Possible Partnership (MPP), in partnership with the Bezos Earth Fund, are collaborating to conduct an analysis of the potential of decarbonization levers at Cemex’s Balcones cement plant in Texas. 

“Our collaboration with the Mission Possible Partnership represents a joint effort seeking to accelerate our sustainable commitments and comprehensively evaluate the extent to which we can utilize decarbonization levers within a specific plant ecosystem,” said Fernando A. González, CEO of Cemex. “This involves leveraging scalable technologies that would contribute to achieving our ambitious decarbonization goals on the path to becoming a net-zero company by 2050.”

MPP is assisting Cemex in evaluating various technological pathways to decarbonize the production process, including the use of alternative fuels, incorporation of lower-carbon materials, carbon capture and storage, and the utilization of captured carbon to produce synthetic fuels, chemicals or construction materials.

Having created a series of transition strategies for reaching net-zero emissions in hard-to-abate industries, MPP is orchestrating collaboration with an expanding network of partners to enable commercial-scale deep decarbonization projects. 

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