Lafarge Canada Plant Hosts Hyperion Pilot

Lafarge Canada, a member of Holcim Group, and Canadian carbon technology innovator Hyperion Global Energy launched the latter’s patented Tandem Carbon Recycling System pilot at Lafarge’s Bath cement plant in Ontario.

The pilot project involves testing of Hyperion’s net-zero mineral solutions for advanced concrete such as Lafarge’s ECOPact.

“Our collaboration with Hyperion marks an exciting milestone in our decarbonization journey and the advancement of our circular construction technologies,” said David Redfern, president and CEO of Lafarge (Eastern Canada). “We look forward to advancing our Net Zero strategy by leveraging carbon utilization technology like Hyperion’s, enabling us to further reduce CO2 emissions from our operations while at the same time producing innovative and sustainable building solutions.”

The joint effort will further develop and scale Hyperion’s proprietary Tandem Carbon Recycling technology, a drop-in system that captures and transforms waste carbon emissions into high purity minerals that permanently store carbon. Hyperion’s novel reactive mineralization process achieves up to 98% capture efficiency of carbon dioxide emissions, noted Lafarge Canada, producing innovative mineral components that enhance the density and strength of concrete, among other industrial uses.

“Working together with an innovative partner like Lafarge on this exciting pilot project allows us to apply our proprietary carbon recycling technology to large-scale industries, and make an immediate, measurable reduction on carbon emissions. At the same time, we are advancing our vision to offer a scalable and affordable decarbonization solution for industry, and a market-driven profit incentive on the cost of carbon removal,” said Heather Ward, CEO and co-founder of Hyperion.

The pilot currently has the capacity to remove up to 1,000 tons of CO2 per year from plant operations, with potential to scale the system 10 times over the next year. 

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