BossTek Offers New Surge Cannon

In response to input from customers, BossTek launched a powerful new mobile mid-sized dust control cannon earlier this year: the DustBoss DB-45 Surge. The latest iteration in its popular Surge series, the DB-45 features an innovative pressurized center nozzle paired with an industry-proven fan and misting ring system.

With three remote-controlled stages and precision oscillation for optimum command over water volume and coverage area, the DB-45 Surge delivers the dependability of atomized mist along with J2P (jet-to-plume) nozzle technology that surges for over 200 ft., even in windy conditions. The result is an easily maneuverable, autonomous, and versatile dust control solution for outdoor operations in all weather conditions. 

“Our first iteration of this technology was larger for operations with high-reach cranes and enormous coverage areas,” said BossTek Dust Control Specialist Mike Lewis. “Managers of medium and smaller operations were impressed with the existing technology but wanted a lighter and more compact option that offered the same excellent field-tested versatility and results. With a 200-ft. (60 m) throw range, I’d say that most of our customers will be well-served by the new model.”

The coverage area is extended with a customizable 260-degree horizontal oscillation range and 0- to 50-degree vertical throw angle. Mounted on a heavy-duty roadworthy trailer for towing with a standard ball hitch, it can be placed by a pickup truck, skid steer or lift truck wherever dust suppression is needed. An optional tower mounting can be used for permanent locations.


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