FLSmidth Cement, Carbon Re to Elevate Process Optimization

FLSmidth Cement and UK-based climate tech company Carbon Re announced a cooperation that will see the integration of the former’s ECS/ProcessExpert advanced process control software known as PXP with Carbon Re’s AI-powered cloud platform. 

The partnership will provide cement producers with access to state-of-the-art process optimization capabilities by unlocking the full potential of ECS/ PXP Data books. By seamlessly integrating ECS/ PXP Data books with Carbon Re for predictive modeling, the companies are helping the cement industry address its unique challenges and elevate optimization to new heights.

“The fusion of advanced process control techniques with AI-driven predictive modeling empowers cement manufacturers with unprecedented foresight into production dynamics. But our collaboration extends far beyond mere integration – it fosters a comprehensive ecosystem of interoperable tools,” said Carbon Re officials, noting that these solutions can optimize energy consumption, reduce emissions or enhance product quality. 

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