Using Coarse Alternative Fuels

The Availability Of High-Quality Alternative Fuels Is A Key Barrier To The Widespread Adoption Of Alternative Fuels In The Cement Industry. However, There Are Now A Number Of Solutions On The Market That Allow The Use Of Coarse And Low-Quality Materials, Without The Traditional Preparation Requirements.  by Jonathan Rowland The use of alternative fuels (AF) is widely promoted within the…

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The Variability Challenge

As The Use Of Alternative Fuels Grows, So Too The Challenges They Pose To Equipment And Process. by Jonathan Rowland Fossil fuels are often maligned for their carbon emissions. Yet they are not the world’s most successful energy source without reason. Fossil fuels pack a punch when it comes to calorific value and offer consistent chemical composition, moisture content and…

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There is an Alternative

Alternative Fuels Are Not Without Their Controversies And Challenges, Both In The United States And  European Union. By Jonathan Rowland Cement Products spoke to the European cement association (CEMBUREAU) and the Portland Cement Association (PCA) about the use of alternative fuels in the European Union (EU) and United States. – Ed. While widely acknowledged to be an essential element in the cement…

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