Cartridge filters

The firm’s E-86 Series Cartridge Filters offer high filtration efficiencies in compact housings. The 8.6-in.-diam, spun-bonded polyester filter cartridges, for which the E-86 is named, are washable and easy to replace. To meet differing needs, E-86 Filters can be ordered in many sizes, with from two to 200 cartridges. Cleaning is by a Pulse Jet System augmented by proprietary venturi intake ports that draw in surrounding air to increase the effectiveness of the programmable reverse air pulses.

A slope-sided collection hopper mounted below the cartridge housing receives the dust and debris dislodged from the cartridge filter elements by the pulsed air. The automatic cleaning mechanism uses 60-psig clean, dry air and a standard 110/1/60 power supply. The solenoid valves and solid-state timer are protected by NEMA 4 enclosures. Options include stainless-steel construction, robust support structure, and a full-length access platform with ladder. Airlanco,, (+1) 800-500-9777; (+1) 402-245-2325

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