Catalyst Filter Technology

This technology leader in air pollution control has announced an advancement in the control of NOx at temperatures as low as 350oF. UltraCat Catalyst Filters provide as much as 95% NOx removal at the operating temperatures of most industrial boilers. Dioxins are also destroyed by the catalyst at 97% to 99% efficiency. For carbon monoxide (CO), a successful strategy for meeting the Boiler MACT is to tune boiler combustion to lower the CO output.

While this can increase NOx production, the additional NOx is easily removed by the UltraCat filters. Often, NOx requirements are already in place due to other federal and state air regulations. Along with high NOx and dioxin removal, UltraCat filters capture particulate to exceptionally low levels. Typical outlet levels are less than 0.001 grains/dscf (2.0 mg/Nm3). For boiler MACT compliance, a level of 0.002 lbs/MMBtu is typical, and less than 0.004lb/MMBtu is guaranteed. This is significantly better than what is required by the proposed Boiler MACT for new biomass boilers or existing biomass and coal boilers.

For efficient control of SO2, HCl, and other acid gases, the UltraCat system incorporates dry sorbent injection using sodium bicarbonate or lime; the result is 90% to 98% removal of these contaminants. With very few exceptions, these efficiencies will meet regulatory limits. Mercury removal options also are available. UltraCat Catalyst Filters are manufactured from the combining of advanced, fibrous ceramics with nano-bits of NOx catalyst. The catalyst is embedded throughout the 3/4-in. filter walls. This creates a high surface area of catalyst to interact with the gas flow. Urea or aqua ammonia is injected upstream of the filters, reacts with the NOx on the catalyst surfaces, and forms harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor. The proprietary catalyst formulation is highly resistant to sulfur poisoning. And because the nano-catalysts are embedded in the filter walls, they are protected from boiler fly ash and sorbent injection particulate.

The system is modeled on a robust, proven baghouse configuration and uses reverse pulse-jet cleaning action. It is designed for simplicity of operation, maintenance, and low operating cost. UltraCat Catalyst Filters are a low-cost solution for Boiler MACT compliance, low-temperature NOx control, and the efficient removal of PM, SO2, HCl and dioxins. Tri-Mer Corp.,; (+1) 801-294-5422

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