2011 IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Industry


IEEE200x97Exhibiting Companies

3L&T, Inc.
Booth 127
Development of new material technologies to solve tough corrosion and abrasion problems, especially where nothing has worked before. That describes the essence of 3L&T. Founded more than 10 years ago in Silicon Valley, Calif., the company has had access to multiple new material components, creative minds, and funding capital to invest deeply in research and development. The results have been a continuous stream of new coating materials, aimed at specific problem areas pointed by end users frustrated by not being able to solve them. FlueGard-225SQC will stop steel corrosion in equipment like baghouses, in the temperature range from 140° to 225°C. For higher temperatures, the company developed the FlueGard-425S. For lower temperatures, it recently introduced the CorrosionGard-160S. For chimneys, the latest solution is to coat with StackGard-255SQW. For severe corrosion-abrasion in kiln shells, the only material that works is the KilnGard-600S, and lately the company launched the WearGard-625S for duct abrasion at high temperatures. www.3L-T.com

4B Components Ltd.
Booth 44
Founded in the U.S. in 1984, 4B Components Ltd. is an industry leader in developing high-quality, innovative, and dependable material handling and electronic components for the agricultural and industrial sectors. 4B’s electronics division includes a range of industry leading products including: speed monitors, encoders, bearing temperature sensors, level indicators, belt alignment systems, hazard monitors, safety switches, alarms, and displays. The company’s material handling division specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of plastic and metal elevator buckets, elevator bolts and splices, rubber and steel web belting, drop forged and round link chain, sprockets, and trailers. With subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and a worldwide network of distributors, 4B can provide practical solutions for all applications at any location. www.go4b.com

A TEC America
Booth 141
A TEC is a family-owned, specialized engineering company from Austria. It comprises of a team of specifically chosen professionals from cement plants, design companies, and related high-tech industries. In this way, A TEC can offer not only practical designs, but also innovative solutions using know-how from other industries like waste-incineration. It has offices for the American continent in Mexico and for Asia in Malaysia and China. The company operates successfully by building long-lasting and close relationships with its clients. A TEC is a specialist for optimization of pyroprocessing in the cement industry based on three pillars: preheater & calciner upgrade; alternative fuels implementation, including fuels preparation; and emissions improvement, e.g. chlorine bypass or NOx reduction. www.atec-ltd.com

ABB Switzerland, Ltd.
Booths 157 & 158
ABB offers complete plant electrification, integrated automation and drives solutions, and instrumentation as well as information and optimization systems for the primary production chain in the cement industry. ABB’s superior technology and in-depth knowledge of the customers’ process provides long-term economic solutions with reduction of total investment, reduction of energy consumption, increase of product quality, and environmental care. Special emphasis will be made on their heat recovery system that converts low temperature waste heat to electricity. www.abb.com/cement

ADA Environmental Solutions
Booth 129
ADA Environmental Solutions (ADA-ES) is a pioneer in environmental technology development, technology demonstration services, advanced emissions control systems, and specialty chemical products supporting coal-fired facilities. Solutions enhance existing air pollution control equipment, maximize capital asset value, and improve operating efficiencies of emissions control systems required to meet the challenges of existing and pending regulations. ADA-ES offers cement manufacturers low-CAPEX, pre-assembled activated carbon injection systems for controlling mercury, THC, and other hazardous air emissions. As a full-scope OEM, systems include: full in-house engineering and design capabilities, custom engineered sorbent distribution manifolds, custom injection lances, an in-house UL Listed panel shop, all of which are backed by performance guarantees. In addition, ADA-ES provides MACT compliance planning services, baseline emissions testing, emissions control technology evaluations, and economic analysis of control options. ADA Carbon Solutions (ACS) provides activated carbon sorbents including LF grades designed for the use of fly ash in the concrete industry. www.adaes.com

Airgas, Inc.
Booth 156
This company is a leading supplier of industrial ammonia and now offers the complete line of refrigerant services of CFC Refimax as a part of a January 2007 acquisition. With 29 ammonia and refrigerant distribution facilities nationwide, this firm has the ability to meet your delivery needs for industrial ammonia, CFC, HCFC, and refrigerant blends. The company offers delivery, repairs, pump-outs, tank inspection, and preventative maintenance for all ammonia and refrigerant applications. A nationwide distribution network provides outstanding delivery reliability, as well as short-notice and after-hours delivery and service. www.airgas.com

Booth 31
Albemarle provides innovative development, manufacturing, and marketing of complex chemicals and services that create customer value. Focusing on “Chemistry for life,” the company is a global supplier of specialty chemicals that provide an overall benefit to the world in which we live. A diversified mix of products is sold to a range of customers and end markets. With more than 3,400 customers spread over 100-plus countries, products are sold into end markets that are vital to the global economy, including consumer electronics, petroleum refining, packing, construction, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and agrichemicals. Over 4,100 employees direct their efforts on solving customers’ toughest problems. www.albemarle.com

Alberici Constructors, Inc.
Booth 74
This is one of the leading construction services firms in the United States; a reputation gained through hard work, innovation, and a dedication to excellence. Formerly known as J.S. Alberici Construction Co., Inc., the company was incorporated in the State of Missouri in December 1946. The firm has been providing construction services since its inception in 1918. Started as a concrete company by an Italian immigrant, Alberici’s culture emulated the standards of excellence and work ethic set by its founder. Today, the passion for excellence in everything continues to identify Alberici as the premiere provider of a comprehensive range of construction services. Whether a customer needs equipment installed or an entire facility built, Alberici Constructors is prepared to meet clients’ needs. Look to Alberici Constructors for exceptional service in: general contracting, design-build, construction management, fabrication and erection of steel, rigging and heavy lifting, equipment and machinery, relocation/installation, and heavy demolition. www.alberici.com

Altech Environment USA
Booths 104 & 105
With over 20 years’ experience, Altech Environment has been a leading supplier of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for combustion and process applications. Altech is also a supplier of a complete line of gas analyzers for compliance, process, engine testing and ambient monitoring applications, which include multi-gas analyzers, discrete analyzers, particulate monitors, and air quality monitoring systems. Altech has installed more than 1,200 systems in the U.S. The 25,000-square-foot facility enables the company to handle multiple large-scale projects simultaneously and house a large spare parts inventory. www.altechusa.com

Ashland Performance Materials
Booth 39
Ashland Performance Materials is the global leader in specialty corrosion-resistant resins. For tanks, pipes, ducting, and custom components, Ashland’s unparalleled depth in resin choices ensures maximum performance and durability in nearly any corrosion application. Ashland’s Derakane and Hetron resins set the standard in corrosion-resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) applications from chemical processing and water treatment to mineral processing. FRP has been used for corrosion-resistant equipment in the chemical-processing industry since the early 1950s, including air pollution control equipment for Holcim’s Portland, Colo., cement plant. Ashland offers superior value and hassle-free services for customers anywhere in the world. Ashland maintains global coverage through 18 ISO 9001-certified manufacturing sites as well as application research labs on three continents. Complementing this infrastructure are world-class technical, analytical and distribution services. www.ashland.com

ASI Industrial
Booth 125
ASI Industrial has constructed many different projects involving cement storage and movement. Crews have built concrete silos and installed diverse types of cement conveying equipment for a number of applications. Recent projects include a rail-to-truck cement terminal containing concrete storage silos, slip-form concrete support/stair towers, interior inverted concrete cones for better homogenization, and dual truck loading bays. www.asi-industrial.com

Augusta Fiberglass
Booths 152 & 153
In its leadership role as a quality manufacturer, Augusta Fiberglass has maintained the ASME RTP-1 Accreditation since 1995. As the nation’s leading manufacturer of custom FRP equipment, Augusta Fiberglass uses state-of-the-art materials and design principles required to meet the demands of a “green” 21st century. AFC’s team of engineers and designers routinely find themselves involved in solving corrosion issues and material handling challenges for customers worldwide. This involvement begins at the conceptual stage and continues to final inspection and customer acceptance. Whether handling small amounts of aggressive fluids or collecting, containing, cleaning, and conveying millions of cubic feet of contaminated air, Augusta Fiberglass has the knowledge, experience, and manufacturing facilities to fulfill all FRP equipment requirements. www.augustafiberglass.com

B3 Systems
Booth 119
B3 Systems provides unparalleled support, both remote and on-site, related to all products and services offered. The company only provides the best in hardware and software to meet your monitoring and control needs. It even provides support for products that it does not sell. B3 Systems’ approach is service-based, even though a product may be involved. The company only sells products that it believes in and knows will provide quality results. In addition, B3 Systems provides a range of services and support options. The company started as a service-based company in 1991 with Chemical Spiking service. Since that time, it has expanded its services and capabilities to meet clients’ specific needs or market demands. Sometimes the line is blurred between a service and a product. Nevertheless, B3 Systems believes that the difference in a good product sale is the service. The company tailors complete service packages based on a customer’s needs and in-house capability. www.b3systems.com

Bachmann Dampjoint
Booth 54
Bachmann Dampjoint designs and manufactures efficient, custom-designed, specialty gas-flow equipment for the most demanding industrial applications. The company’s manufactured products include, metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, and a variety of custom-made dampers. With more than 30 years of experience and customers worldwide, Bachmann has a proven track record of offering damper and expansion joint solutions to the cement, power, chemical, petrochemical, and pulp and paper industries. www.bachmann.ca

Bedeschi America, Inc.
Booth 89
For more than a century, Bedeschi has supplied raw material handling equipment and services around the globe. Our markets include the cement, brick, mining, power and biomass industries. Bedeschi  designs and manufactures industrial equipment to fit the specific needs of our clients. The product line encompasses: apron feeders, crushers, stacker (linear and circular), reclaimers (linear, circular, and blending), ship loaders and unloaders, and dust collection & air filtration. Bedeschi fabricates, assembles, and tests all machines in its 500,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, equipped with an experienced staff and the most modern tools. An in-house engineering department uses the latest software programs, guaranteeing a state-of-the-art system. Feld technicians follow the erection/assembly phase of the machines on site, along with providing start-up and commissioning assistance. www.bedeschiamerica.com

Boldrocchi srl
Booth 138
Boldrocchi is a family-owned company with headquarters in Milano, Italy, specialized in designing and supplying process fans and air pollution control systems for different industries. For more than 100 years, the company’s reputation has been built on technical know-how, quality, and customer satisfaction. Today, the group counts more than 300 employees within Italy, France, Germany, and India and a turnover of around 120 million Euros. The fan division is the Italian market leader for any application in the cement industry. Boldrocchi has specific knowledge to fit any customer need and has reference up to 5,500 kW installed power fan in the cement field and 8,100 kW for other industrial applications. The Ecologia division specializes in the design and supply of turn-key air pollution control systems for the cement industry. The division employs over 30 engineers and specialized technicians, all capable of designing complete gas cleaning lines for various process exhausts. The product line includes gas conditioning towers, heat exchangers, nuisance bag filters, and process bag filters, with realized project with capacity up to 2.5 million cu m/hr. www.boldrocchi.it

Bosch Rexroth/Hagglunds Drives
Booth 159
Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the brand name of Rexroth, the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling, and moving. As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces, and sells components and systems in more than 80 countries in the technology fields electric drives and controls, industrial hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, linear tchnology, assembly technology, and pneumatics. Since introducing its first hydraulic radial piston motor almost half a century ago, Hagglunds Drives has been helping customers worldwide manage the toughest tasks in the roughest industrial environments. More than a traditional gear and transmission design, Hägglunds drive solutions bring even greater advantage with the best assurance of performance, flexibility, and reliability. Customers can count on Hägglunds to give the needed power, no matter what turn business takes. The company also offers drive solutions, control units, pumps, and related services. www.boschrexroth.com; www.hagglunds.com

Bricking Solutions & Brokk
Booth 162
Bricking Solutions specializes in manufacturing custom equipment that surrounds all the impact areas of refractory replacement in your kiln. One of the challenging impact areas is proper kiln access that supports the safe travel of mechanical equipment, such as robotic demolition equipment Brokk and Bobcats. The company’s design and manufacturing team can produce custom, lightweight, easy-to-install kiln access ramps that can and have accommodated some of the most restricted burn floors. After safely and efficiently removing old refractories, the next major impact area is the installation of the new refractory. The 2011 model EZ Flexx bricking machine offers the largest (17 ft. / 15,000 lbs.) work platform with a center-supported, double installation arch that can make adjustments for conical or tapered sections effortlessly. The company offers refractory consulting services/training worldwide for safety and performance gains. www.brickingsolutions.com

BWF America
Booths 149 & 150
As the only proactive dust collection management company in the filtration market today, BWF America has the international resources, application experience, and advanced filter media technology to handle any dust filtration issue. Over the last 20 years, the company has continually offered its dust filtration clients meaningful alternatives to commodity dust bags and baghouse maintenance services  In pursuit of this core objective, it has developed several key services: mechanical baghouse inspections and fabric filter bag change-outs, customized preventative baghouse maintenance services, diagnostic filter bag laboratory services, and economical filter bag solution programs. www.bwf-america.com

Calgon Carbon Corp.
Booth 106
Calgon Carbon Corp. is actively pursuing solutions for increasingly stringent mercury emission regulations. Calgon Carbon’s innovative Fluepac products are specifically designed to enhance mercury capture in flue gas streams within industries facing flue gas treatment challenges such as the cement, waste incinerators, and industrial boiler markets. Calgon Carbon technologies are designed to enhance production efficiencies, minimize waste, and remove pollutants—in short, making water and air safer and cleaner. www.calgoncarbon.com

California Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Booth 161
CAI, based in Orange, Calif., has been a premier supplier of quality gas analyzers and systems for use in industrial, environmental, process, health and safety, and automotive emissions measurement applications for more than 25 years. CAI’s goal is to provide innovative, cost-effective, and reliable solutions. CAI utilizes technologies such as Chemiluminescence, Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR), Flame Ionization Detection (FID), Paramagnetic, FTIR, and Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy (PAS) for measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, O2, CH4, SO2, SF6, and HCL gases. CAI’s computer-controlled analyzers are currently installed in thousands of facilities, in more than 100 countries. www.gasanalyzers.com

CCC Group, Inc.
Booths 64 & 65
CCC Group, Inc. is a nationwide, industrial general contractor with fabrication and specialty engineering capabilities. The company was established in 1947 in San Antonio, Texas. Since that time, it has established 10 regional offices throughout the U.S., three of which have shop facilities capable of fabricating structural steel, ductwork, preheater towers, and piping. The company self-performs 95 % of the work awarded to them. Their disciplines include civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, and instrumentation. CCC Group has the ability to offer an array of services on a local and national basis from small scale, routine maintenance needs to entire new plants. Most recent accomplishments include a new line addition for Keystone Cement in Pennsylvania and constructing a greenfield cement plant for Drake Cement in Arizona. www.cccgroupinc.com

CEM Specialties, Inc.
Booth 57
CEM Specialties Inc. (ISO9001:2008), authorized ABB Process Analytics solution provider, offers a range of process and continuous emission monitoring products, expert applications and instrument support services in Canada and the United States. Expertise includes: systems engineering and upgrades; single-source supplier of turn-key systems, gas analyzers, opacity, particulate and flow monitors, and parts & service support; complete in-house systems integration, gas analyzer repairs and calibration lab; data acquisition system solutions; and remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. With a solutions-driven approach, the company reviews customers’ monitoring requirements then design, engineer, and manufacture a solution that will meet needs. Turn-key system packages include QA/QC plans and performance certification guarantees. Services include start-up and commissioning, certification testing support, on-site training, and 24/7/365 response from a factory-trained field service team. www.cemsi.on.ca

Booth 128
Cemengal is a company involved in engineering, manufacturing, and mounting equipment for the cement industry. It does business internationally, designing new cement plants, upgrading existing facilities in milling circuits (raw materials and cement), and in calcination links, clinker coolers, silos, and mechanical and pneumatic transport material. Over the past few years, the company has developed significant turnkey cement grinding projects, mostly in Spain but also in Brazil, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Likewise, the company has upgraded heat exchanges in Spain and Portugal, and it also develops other types of facilities either independently or with other companies. www.cemengal.com

CleanAir Engineering
Booth 11
CleanAir Engineering offers advanced monitoring solutions for industry. The company provides turn-key sales, instrument rental, and measurement consulting programs using the MET-80 sorbent trap mercury monitor; UV/IR DOAS open-path & CEMS; Passive FTIR; and Pneumatically Focused GC. www.cleanair.com; (+1) 847-991-3300

Continental Construction
Booth 111

Covent Industrial Fans, Inc.
Booth 90
Covent Fans Inc. designs and manufactures custom-engineered fans at its recently expanded facility near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Fans ranging from 100-11,000 hp for cement plant applications, including under-grate cooler, preheater kiln, and raw mill fans, are operating at cement plants located around the world.  The company specializes in high-temperature and high-dust-load applications. A line of backward-curved bladed rotors offer high efficiency with low tendency towards dust build-up. Blades protected with hardened steel plate or chromium carbide wearplates exhibit excellent wear-life in dusty service. Ask about innovationsm such as Dust Deflectors, to extend wear life. The company’s quality program is registered to ISO 9001-2000, and welding is performed using approved welders and procedures in accordance with Canadian Welding Standards (equivalent to AWS D1.1). www.coventfans.com

C-Tec, Inc.
Booth 20
C-Tec is a nationwide leader in the concrete restoration and preservation industry, having excelled in business since 1995 and continuing to deliver quality and safety in facility restoration, preventive maintenance, or complete re-modifications. At C-TEC, repair is the primary business. Consequently, the company has hands-on expertise in the highly specialized techniques applicable to structural integrity. Success can be attributed to: a qualified team of highly motivated and skilled professionals. The company is American Concrete Institute certified, and trained nozzlemen provide credibility and promoting a high-quality end-product. Safety training includes OSHA Contractor Safety courses, Red Cross CPR & First Aid, and MSHA Mining Safety courses. Services are also available on an emergency basis with crews located across the nation. www.ctecconcrete.com

Booth 13
In times of globalization, it is increasingly important to consider one’s own logistics strategy holistically. It is absolutely necessary to connect all the links in the supply chain into a seamless total solution. This approach requires expertise in many specific areas and many years of experience in consulting, planning, and implementation of individual optimization projects. DALOG value-added services have offered customers integrated solutions since 1969, which lead to measurable success in the areas of: process & cost analysis, network design & process, supply chain operations, and freight & credits. www.dalog-gmbh.de

Danfoss Power Electronics
Booth 59

DCL, Inc.
Booth 32
This company was developed to provide full dust control loading systems as well as partial components to the bulk material handling industry. Seasoned veterans in technical sales, engineering and manufacturing give the company the abilities to design custom equipment to meet and understand all field applications. Areas of expertise include loading spouts; loading spout positioners; aeration equipment; shut-off valves; diverter valves; dust collection equipment; bag and drum filling; level sensors; inspection hatches; and system controls. www.dclinc.com

Diamond Power International
Booth 93
Diamond Electronics, a Diamond Power International, Inc. company, supplies high-temperature, closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems and related products throughout the world. Diamond Electronics is a recognized leader in diagnostic and vision systems for the cement industry, designing, manufacturing, marketing, and servicing industrial CCTV and related products for use in security, surveillance, and industrial process viewing. At the IEEE show, Diamond Electronics is featuring the Wall-Eye system—a high-temperature remote viewing system delivering pristine, highly detailed images in vivid color with 480 lines of resolution. This allows operators to control process temperature and optimize performance. www.diamondpower.com

Dix Corporation
Booth 97
For over 60 years, Dix has pioneered construction and rigging techniques to solve customers’ unique challenges. One-of-a-kind solutions have lowered project costs, improved schedules, and enhanced safety. Dix is currently applying this tradition of innovation in dams and plants throughout the Pacific Northwest to improve safety, quality and productivity, and provide owners the very best return on their investment. Dix is proud to have worked for customers like ALCOA, Boeing, Kaiser Aluminum, and the U.S. Navy. You can count on the dedicated commitment to excellence from Dix whether the company is starting its 60th project together in 60 years. www.dixcorp.com

Durag, Inc.
Booth 135
The Durag Group is a global provider of measuring and control technology in the field of Combustion Technology and Environmental Monitoring. For more than 20 years the Durag Group’s products have supported all types of industrial combustion processes. These include fossil fuel-based power generation, cement plants, incinerators, petroleum and chemical refineries, and industrial boilers. Durag has a proven track record as a supplier of combustion safety and ignition equipment. The range of equipment includes gas and oil pilot burners, state-of-the-art UV and IR flame detection systems, and high-energy spark ignition devices. Burner management systems are also included in the line of products. The Durag Group provides accurate and reliable continuous emission monitoring (CEM) equipment at the lowest cost for total mercury, dust concentration (PM), and flue gas flow rate. www.durag.com

Dűrr Systems, Inc.
Booth 99
Dürr Systems possesses an extensive product line of abatement technologies in use in a variety of industries, including the cement industry. Dürr offers the most modern systems and energy-saving techniques incorporating innovative and patented technologies. Thermal oxidation, particulate filtration, and pollutant adsorption, whichever method is necessary, Dürr Ecopure abatement systems are applied to solve environmental compliance issues at the lowest cost with the lowest possible energy consumption. As the largest provider of integrated turnkey pollution control systems with more than 10 years of experience with control of THC and CO in the cement industry, Dürr is uniquely positioned to help the cement manufacturers address the pending National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). www.durr.com

Booth 160
Dustex Corp. has long been regarded as an innovator within the air pollution control industry. Through the acquisition and implementation of the most advanced design technologies available, Dustex is once again pioneering the development of highly efficient and cost-effective products to be found anywhere. In addition, the company assists customers about decisions with regard to the implementation of technology and the capital expenditures necessary to accomplish their goals and air pollution control compliance issues. Dustex provides process analysis and application evaluation; economic justification and ROI implications of the technology; system design and conceptual engineering; 3D computational fluid dynamics and modeling; complete equipment design and fabrication; access to all of our in-house engineering disciplines; ancillary ductwork, fan packages, dampers and material handling; in-house automated control system design and manufacturing; complete integration of system utility requirements; equipment installation and commissioning; comprehensive operating training; and finite element analysis. www.dustex.com

Eaton Corporation
Booth 48
Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader in power distribution, power quality, control, and industrial automation products and services. Eaton’s global electrical product lines, such as Cutler-Hammer, Moeller, and Powerware, provide customer-driven PowerChain Management solutions to serve the power system needs of the industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, data center, residential, and OEM markets. Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has approximately 75,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries. www.eaton.com

Energy and Environmental Measurement Corp.
Booth 67
The EMRC gas flow monitoring system utilizes differential pressure technology. It is capable of accurately measuring gas flow from ~5 to 900 ft/sec and temperatures up to ~3,000°F. All EMRC gas flow monitors are custom-designed to match each gas flow stream condition. The EMRC gas flow monitor includes an in situ flow sensor utilizing a variety of designs and materials (appropriate metallurgy/ceramic, etc.) to fit a large variety of flow measurement applications. Other subsystems include pressure signal conditioning interface, differential pressure transducer and temperature measurement subsystem (Type K thermocouple or RTD), and a primary reference and pressure auto-calibration subsystem (also available for the Type K thermocouple transmitter). The EMRC instrument package is located off-stack allowing for ease of maintenance and control. Off-stack instrumentation is packaged routinely in indoor and/or outdoor cabinetry, although it is preferable to locate instrumentation in a thermally controlled instrument/control room for ease of maintenance and enhanced performance. www.gasflowmonitors.com

EnviroCare International
Booth 81
For 30 years, EnviroCare International has designed and manufactured pollution control systems across a range of industrial and municipal applications for clients worldwide. Each of its more than 1,000 installations is custom engineered and fabricated to meet the exact specifications of clients and their individual applications. The company offers advanced solutions to the increasingly stringent pollution control standards including the proposed 2010 Boiler MACT standard and 2010 Cement MACT standard. Through continuous research and development, the company is expanding its product line with innovative technology to meet current and future pollution control standards. www.envirocare.com

Environmental Quality Management Booth 80
This firm provides environmental and engineering services to the cement industry nationwide and internationally. The experienced staff have a long lineage of supporting the environmental, process, and engineering assessment needs of the cement industry. The company offers support in environmental consulting, air pollution control assessments, determining the interrelationship between process operations and emissions, secondary plume abatement, and site assessment and remediation. www.eqm.com

FCT, Inc.
Booth 22
FCT, Inc., provides innovative process analytical solutions for the cement process. Its patented continuous on-stream mineral analyzer, COSMA, is capable of giving a complete mineral analysis of cement and clinker in real time using XRD and Rietveld analysis. The data is used to optimize additives and quality, analytical solutions for the cement process. Its patented continuous on-stream mineral analyzer, COSMA, is capable of giving a complete mineral analysis of cement and clinker in real time using XRD and Rietveld analysis. The data is used to optimize additives and quality, thereby giving substantial savings. Much can be learned about this technology during the company’s presentation in the technical program, during which two operating systems, one on cement and one on clinker, will be on displays during the plant tour on Thursday. www.fct-actech.com

FLSmidth, Inc.
Booths 2 & 3
FLSmidth is the world’s only total supplier to the cement and minerals industries, offering customers a range of services, from complete plants and equipment to upgrades and know how. The company’s approach is always the same: to use its expertise to improve process and production efficiency. Its strength is its people. Engineers research and develop new products; install and maintain equipment; analyze processes and train plant staff; and design and install plant upgrades—always with one focus in mind: improving the performance of customer’s plant. Over the past 128 years, the company has grown into a worldwide organization. Working from one of three major project centers in Denmark, the United States, or India, engineering teams are supported by an 11,000-strong organization. And with offices in more than 40 countries, the company is always on-hand to offer customers local knowledge and global support. www.flsmidth.com

Fives FCB
Booth 146
Fives designs and supplies process equipment, production lines and plant facilities on a turnkey basis for major industrial players all over the world. The company’s experience in industrial engineering and in managing large projects overseas is unique. Thanks to the quality of teams and knowledge of the groundwork, Fives is recognized for its ability to manage projects as a whole within the deadlines and in compliance with the performance guarantees. Its multi-sector expertise gives it a ranging vision of the industry that provides a continuous source of innovation for its R&D department. The company is willing to share this accumulated experience with its customers and is always in search of new industrial solutions combining technology, safety, and profitability. www.fivesgroup.com

Fives Pillard
Booth 147
As a world leader for burners and combustion systems, Fives Pillard designs and manufactures combustion equipment and control systems, mainly for the mineral processing industry and the energy sector. From initial conception to after sales services, Fives Pillard makes it its goal to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions adapted to their customers’ specific needs. The company’s mission is to achieve sustainable industrial progress by increasing fuel efficiency thus reducing CO2 emissions; making plants run safer and more reliability; driving down energy costs; when possible, incinerating waste instead of fossil fuels; and reducing polluting emissions, notably NOx and CO.

Fives Solios
Booth 148
Amongst the leaders in the primary aluminum industry, Fives Solios designs and builds process equipment as well as turnkey plants all over the world. Thanks to its strong experience in industrial engineering for more than 60 years and its knowledge of turnkey contracts for 30 years, Fives Solios has demonstrated his capabilities to manage international projects within the guaranteed performances, the deadlines, and the costs. www.fivesgroup.com/FivesSolios

Fritz & Macziol
Booth 51
Fritz & Macziol and Infoma was founded in 1987, and its offices are strategically located throughout Germany, the United States, Spain, Mexico, UK, Saudi Arabia, Austria, and Switzerland. Approximately 700 business economists, computer scientists, engineers, technicians, and communal administration specialists support and advise clients from local government, industry, commerce and services. The VAS solution for inbound and outbound logistic is the core business of Fritz & Macziol and specially developed for small, medium- and large-sized companies. It is a general, one-stop contractor for loading and dispatch automation of the raw materials and bulk goods industry, who can supply anything from servers, software, network infrastructure, weighbridges, and interfaces to many ERP systems. To date, more than 90 plants worldwide in the cement, lime, and gypsum industries have been installed with its highly developed software. www.fum-vas.com

Fuchs Lubritech Co.
Booths 139 & 140
Fuchs Lubricants Co. is the U.S. operating unit of the Fuchs Worldwide Group, the largest independent manufacturer of specialty lubricants in the world. Fuchs provides high-quality lubricants and services to a range of American industry—from underground mines to pharmaceutical manufacturers to makers of complex metal components such as automotive, appliance, and aerospace manufacturers. Fuchs is constantly developing new products to meet the ever-changing demands of modern industry. Ongoing local development, combined with access to Fuchs Group technology from around the globe, ensures customers of products and services that are truly leading edge. www.fuchs.com

G.E. Energy
Booth 122, 123 & 124
G.E. Energy is one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery technologies in all areas of the energy industry, including coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy, as well as renewable resources, such as water, wind, solar, and alternative fuels. www.gepower.com

Gambarotta Gschwendt srl
Booths 130 & 131
Established in 1919, this company engaged in the design, manufacturing, and startup of equipment and machinery for the mechanical handling, lifting, and conveying of bulk materials. It has designed and supplied a considerable quantity of machinery and equipment to the cement, lime, and gypsum industries, as well as to the metallurgical, power generation, coal facilities, chemical, petrochemical, fertilizer, and other similar industries. The company’s commercial network abroad has several agents in Europe and in other countries of the world. With the experience acquired in the design, engineering, and manufacturing (selection of materials, components, safety systems, etc.) of such equipment, the company is confident it can be a supplier for future needs in the field of bulk material handling equipment, with particular reference to: conveyors, feeders, extractor; elevators; special screw conveyors; loader for palletized materials; and more. www.gambarotta.it

Gasmet Technologies Inc.
Booth 40
Gasmet Technologies has developed and manufactured multi-component FTIR gas analyzers and systems since 1993. Gasmet analyzers are used for process and emission monitoring, and perform simultaneous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds, as well as analyze hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams. Measurement capabilities range from sub ppm’s up to % levels. Gasmet Technologies will feature its new CEMS II system that is a cost-effective solution for measuring concentrations of pollutants including 0-10ppm HCl full range as required in the new US-EPA Cement MACT rule. The Gasmet FTIR CEMS II is a fully engineered, robust, and flexible monitoring system. The Gasmet FTIR multi-component gas analyzer is integrated into one compact package, which includes sampling system, industrial computer with optional oxygen, and THC measurements. Comprehensive I/O functions are fully programmable via Gasmet software to allow automated span/zero checks and straight-forward connection into Data Acquisition Software or plant DCS. Gasmet Technologies also will feature the only truly portable FTIR emission monitoring system currently available on the market allowing stack testers and process operators to perform complex gas monitoring task with a simple, hassle-free device. www.gasmet.com

Gebr. Pfeiffer, Inc.
Booth 85
To address the needs of customers who are following the cement industry trend toward increasing grinding plant capacities, Gebr. Pfeiffer offers the newly developed MVR roller mill for grinding cement raw material, cement clinker and additives. The key advantages of the MVR Mill are active redundancy modular drive design—up to six grinding rollers and six drive modules; highest capacity—up to 1,000 tph or 12,000 kW; and highest availability for raw materials, cement and slag grinding, due to minimal maintenance downtime. The company offers grinding solutions for the cement, minerals, ceramics and utilities industries of North and South America. www.gebrpfeifferinc.com

Golder Associates, Inc.
Booth 82
Golder Associates is a respected, employee-owned, global company providing consulting, design, and construction services in specialist areas of earth, environment, and the related areas of energy. From 160 offices worldwide, nearly 7,000 employees work with clients to manage their environmental and engineering activities in a technically sound, economically viable, and socially responsible manner. Professionals—from geologists, civil engineers, and geophysicists, to hydrogeologists, biologists, environmental scientists, risk analysts, and GIS specialists—help clients with large, complex projects as well as small-scale ones. www.golder.com

H2E, Inc.
Booth 18
H2E Inc. is a full-service industrial electrical engineering firm with expertise in power generation, power design, control & instrumentation, software development, construction & project management, commissioning, and start-up services. H2E specializes in the cement, mining, and aggregate markets. www.h2einc.com

Hazemag USA
Booth 75
With a history dating back to 1946, and now more than 75,000 impactors operating worldwide, Hazemag is a world-leading supplier for impact crushers and raw material processing systems. Behind every Hazemag product is found a wealth of experience, a deep commitment to research and development, a drive for innovation, and a strong focus on customer success. Today, Hazemag offers industry-leading material-handling solutions through a range of products such as impact crushers (primary, secondary, and tertiary), crusher dryers, drying technology, hammermills, apron feeders, and wobbler feeders. Behind the operation of every Hazemag product is a wealth of experience, backed by a level of partnership and support. www.hazemag.com

Herzog Automation Corp.
Booth 29
Herzog Automation is a leading manufacturer of laboratory sample preparation machines and systems. Herzog manufactures automatic and manual versions of all machines, such as crushers, mills, presses and fusion machines. Herzog manufactures samplers for hot meal and clinkers, plus screw, piston, and air-slide samplers. For automated solutions, the samplers are delivered to a lab via Herzog’s plant stations and pneumatic tube systems. Herzog’s range of fusion machines include manual, semi-automatic, and fully automated versions of both gas and the new electric, high-frequency-type machines. www.herzogautomation.com

Howden North America, Inc.
Booths 91 & 92
Howden is a global leader in industrial air and gas handling products with a portfolio of nine products spanning from centrifugal and axial fans, to fluid drives and circulating oil systems. The Howden 360 brand promise guarantees superior customer service while supporting all aspects of a plant’s lifecycle. With capabilities to engineer or provide products and aftermarket services in virtually every situation, the Howden 360 continues to provide clients with innovative solutions. www.HowdenBuffalo.com

Industrial Accessories
Booth 15
IAC is an industrial design/build, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of process equipment for APC, dust collection, hazardous gas emission mitigation, pneumatic material transport, and bulk material handling systems. In addition, IAC can provide replacement parts and new equipment components for baghouses and bulk material handling systems. IAC can supply complete engineered systems, as a total turnkey provider, supply equipment sub-systems, or just provide selected new equipment for replacements and new systems. IAC is the manufacturing industries single-source solution provider. www.iac-intl.com

Booth 30
The Intersystems model PS industrial sampler is designed to provide repeatable and representative samples and can be left completely unattended. The PS samples microscopic powders to large granules and pellets, and collects accurate samples from gravity or pneumatic conveying systems (positive or negative, dense, or dilute phase). Key features of the sampler are: 304 SS product contacts; seals that will withstand temperatures to 450°F and pressures to 125 psig; machined auger with no crevices or product hang-up points; tolerance between the tube and auger of .003, assuring total cleanout of product; and limit switch which assures that sampler will complete cycle. www.intersystems.net

Iris Power-Qualitrol
Booth 88
Qualitrol, which purchased Iris Power in 2010, is a leading supplier of condition based monitoring products used to protect the major transmission and distribution assets of global electric utility companies. Iris Power has been a leader for more than 20 years in online partial discharge testing of stator winding insulation in large motors and generators. Today, it is a leading supplier of both online and off-line diagnostic tools for condition assessment of these assets. Its fleet of portable and continuous instruments, and monitoring systems that are integrated into a power plant DCS or SCADA,  are supported by teams of highly trained field service and rotating machine experts to help users make  maintenance and outage decisions. Among its leading products are the PDA and TGA partial-discharge instruments for stator winding monitoring, ELCID instrument for stator core imperfection testing and RFAll rotor flux analyzer for synchronous machines; all designed and proven to assist customers in understanding the internal conditions of their large motors and generators. www.qualitrolcorp.com

Booth 73
Iteca is a leading manufacturer of online process control instruments specifically designed for the cement industry (raw mix analysis, hot meal sampling and analysis, clinker-free lime determination, gypsum/limestone addition, and particle size on cement), as well as completely automatic laboratories (sampling systems, cartridge sample transport, sample preparation, and automation). Iteca has more than 30 years of experience in this field. The company also designs and markets highly efficient and low maintenance inlet and outlet kiln seals enabling significant energy savings compared to traditional seals, reliable gas sampling systems designed for the kiln inlet, as well as high-capacity grinding media sorting machines. Most of these systems have already been installed and are being used by all the large cement producers in North America. www.ITECA.fr

Keith Manufacturing Company
Booth 33 & 34
Keith Walking Floor systems are suited to handling the most difficult alternative fuels. Systems are mounted in trucks, semi-trailers, and integrated into bulk material handling systems, such as storage bins and receiving pits. Semi-trailers outfitted with Walking Floor systems maximize volume and weight capacity, work under low headroom conditions, discharge partial loads, and are not prone to tipping over on unstable ground or in windy conditions. Trailers can haul and discharge bulk loads one way and carry palletized or skid mounted materials loaded by lift trucks on the return trip. Walking Floor receiving, storage, and metering bins reliably handle whole and shredded tires, biomass, RDF, and other alternative fuels where other systems struggle. Walking Floor systems handle these difficult bulk materials at competitive costs and require minimal power and maintenance compared to conventional belt, chain and screw systems. Keith Mfg. Co. is headquartered in Madras, Oregon, and maintains offices in The Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. www.keithwalkingfloor.com

Klüber Lubrication
Booth 58
Klüber Lubrication, a worldwide manufacturer of specialty lubricants, has long been on the cutting edge of lubricant technology. For more than 80 years, we have been committed to providing tribological solutions by manufacturing and supplying specialty greases and oils for extreme applications. The company’s product innovation philosophy demands that it work cooperatively with customers and has earned it the reputation as a reliable partner and problem solver. Klüber has lubricants for every high-demand area of the cement plant. Our Klüberfluid CF ULTRA series of lubricants were specifically developed for protecting the large open gear drives found on kilns and mills. The Klüberfluid lubricants provide good adhesion, excellent resistance to high pressure, and protection against wear. The demands of increased machine uptime and long-term reliability require lubricant solutions that are carefully matched to the specific needs of a customer’s application. www.kluberna.com

Komatsu America Corp.
Booth 21
Komatsu America Corp. (KAC) manufactures and markets a full line of integrated construction equipment from the smallest compact construction size to the largest mining size. Our product line includes hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, crawler dozers, off-highway trucks, motor graders, skid steer loaders, tractor loaders and backhoe loaders. All KAC groups are supported by Komatsu Parts and Service and can be financed through Komatsu Financial. KAC is the second-largest, fully integrated manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment in North America. It has built a network of manufacturing plants and parts depots with approximately 2,000 employees who manufacture more than 90 % of all Komatsu America equipment in the United States. www.komatsuamerica.com

Köppern Equipment, Inc.
Booth 42
Since 1898, Köppern has manufactured roller presses and designed plants for briquetting, compaction, and communition. With more than a century of expertise, Köppern has become one of a select group of suppliers leading the way in the briquetting, compaction, and high-pressure grinding of mineral materials. Köppern is represented in the U.S., Venezuela, Australia, India, China, and other countries, with the group’s head offices situated in Hattingen, Germany. Köppern’s Corporate Technical Center & Laboratory for research and material testing is located in Freiberg, Germany in affiliation with the Technical University of Freiberg. Laboratories for material testing are also found in Perth, Australia; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; and Charlotte, N.C. More than 800 Köppern roller presses are in operation today. Of particular interest to the cement industry are Köppern’s roller presses for the high-pressure grinding of raw materials, clinker, and slag, as well as for the briquetting of synthetic gypsum. www.kopperusa.com

Lechler, Inc.
Booth 142
Lechler is a world leader in engineering and manufacturing spray nozzles and systems. The company brings more than 125 years of knowledge and experience to every spray application project on which it embarks. While most any manufacturing or industrial process can require spray nozzles or systems, there are some markets in which Lechler specializes, including cement, chemical, pollution control, and wastewater treatment. www.lechlerusa.com

Loesche America
Booth 110
Loesche America, located in South Florida, is a subsidiary of Loesche GmbH, with headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany. Loesche has been in the business of designing and manufacturing grinding mills since 1906, employing more than 500 people in over 20 countries. Loesche America manufactures vertical roller mills and offers turn-key solutions for dry grinding and processing of cement, coal, lime and other materials. The company specializes not only in installing new, state-of-the-art, grinding equipment but also in upgrading existing plants with LSKS high efficiency dynamic classifiers. Loesche also offers an extensive spare parts department and expert on-site engineering services. www.loescheamerica.com

Logequip – Vecoplan – Airstream – Darimec – HGH – Scantech
Booths 71 & 72
Vecoplan designs, engineers, manufactures, installs, and provides start-up training on, as well as ongoing parts and service for, complete systems to prepare and feed a comprehensive range of alternative fuels to cement kilns. System workstations include: pre-shredding, separation, screening, air classification, re-shredding, storage, unloading, sampling, blending and delivery of fuel the kiln. Vecoplan is experienced with a variety of alternative fuel feed stocks. These include tires, MSW, wood and other biomass waste, ag fuel crops, carpet waste, and other wastes or substitute feedstocks. www.VecoplanLLC.com

LTB America
Booth 98
LTB America is a new subsidiary of LTB in Germany to serve the North American market. It is a leading company in air pollution control for various industries. Since 1958, the company has been developing innovative solutions as state of the art for gaseous and particulate pollutants. It proudly has more than 3,000 references for filters, dry and wet scrubbers for HF, SOx, direct and regenerative oxidisers, and catalytic process solutions for VOCs and NOx. Based on experience, the company can provide solutions for various pollutants. Expertise enables us to supply the best applicable equipment. With more than 100 employees, LTB America is a fully integrated company with design, engineering, manufacturing, and 24/7 service capabilities. www.ltb.de

M. L. Smith
Booth 45
M. L. Smith, Jr., LLC, has been a contractor to the cement and lime industries for more than 34 years. Its competitive edge is its dual capability of providing both refractory construction and steel fabrication/erection. The company provides customers a true turnkey package of steelwork and refractory tearout/replacement for kilns, coolers, firing hoods, ductwork, hoppers, silos, and other platework for cement and lime plants. By eliminating the headache of dealing with two separate contractors, customers can turn their attention to other critical aspects of their shutdown. As a result of this turnkey capability and the quality of our work, many customers annually come back with repeat business. Steel work can be built to API, ASME, and AWWA standards. www.mlsji.com

Machine Repair International
Booth 27

Martin Engineering
Booths 112 & 113
Martin Engineering makes bulk materials handling cleaner, safer, and more productive. Martin Systems and Services solve the problems in the handling of bulk materials, to allow plant personnel to focus on maintaining production. Martin Engineering products can be divided into two basic groups: the conveyor products group provides methods to control fugitive material and improve the efficiency of belt conveyors. This group includes belt cleaning systems, belt support structures, skirtboard seals, belt training devices, and dust suppression systems. Leading edge conveyor technologies include air-supported belt conveyors and engineered “hood and spoon” chutes. The flow aids group consists of equipment and services that improve the recovery of bulk solids from storage or maintain the movement of solids through a process. This group includes vibrators, air cannons, railcar unloading systems, and related components. Additional areas for growth are specialized “in-field” services offered to the bulk materials handling industries. Among these services are the installation and regular maintenance of Martin Products and silo cleaning. www.martin-eng.com

Maxi-Lift, Inc.
Booth 86
Maxi-Lift is a leading manufacturer of elevator buckets and other bulk conveying components. The company’s Tiger-Tuff, Maxi-Tuff, and DI-Max Ductile Iron elevator buckets are the most durable products on the market. In addition, the company’s fabrication facility will manufacture any carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum elevator bucket to customer specification, whether it is a common size and style or the most custom bucket known to mankind. Related conveying products include elevator bolts, hardware, belt splices, screw conveyor hanger bearings, drag conveyor flights, and UHMW sheeting. www.maxilift.com

MECS, Inc.
Booth 25
MECS is the global leader in sulfuric acid process technology and related high-performance products custom engineered for acid plant environments. A range of complementary and proprietary technologies for gas heat exchangers and other specialized air pollution control form a diversified and strong business well positioned for serving customers worldwide. MECS has built long-term relationships throughout the world using strategically positioned local offices, sales reps and agents, joint ventures, licensees, and a respected and experienced global supply chain. The history of MECS, Inc. dates back to 1969 when Monsanto Enviro-Chem Systems Inc. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Monsanto Company through a consolidation of several existing process technology, product and services businesses. www.mecsglobal.com

MEGTEC Systems
Booth 109
MEGTEC is a fully integrated global design, engineering, manufacturing, and services company providing industrial equipment and services to various industries including lithium-ion and other advanced battery materials, solar films, membranes, automotive, engineered wood products, printing, chemical, electronics, and other process industries. MEGTEC’s performance and reliability is well proven with its 20,000-plus equipment installations around the world. With more than 100 patents, MEGTEC continues to set new trends and improve designs, providing customers with high productivity and maximum efficiency. In business for 40-plus years, MEGTEC employs approximately 800 people on five continents. www.megtec.com

Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions
Booth 118
Duall, Flex-Kleen, and Met-Pro Systems are now Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions. For decades, these businesses have provided innovative solutions and a diverse line of products and technologies for the collection of particulate and the purification of air including chemical and biological scrubbers, dust collection systems, HEPA filtration, thermal/catalytic oxidizers, and other air pollution control systems. As one organization, it can provide a complete single source solution to all of your air pollution control needs. Products include Duall chemical and biological odor control systems, fume and emergency gas scrubbers, air strippers and degasifiers; Flex-Kleen product recovery and dust collection systems including pulse jet fabric filters, cartridge collectors and cyclones; and Systems thermal and catalytic oxidation equipment. Major markets include metal finishing, municipal odor control, chemical, petrochemical, plastics, food, dairy, bulk material handling, nuisance dust control, paint and pigments, minerals and clay, cement and rock products, coal and fly ash, ethanol, landfill gas, and pharmaceutical industries. www.mpeas.com

Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.
Booth 87
Midwesco Filter Resources is a global industrial air filtration leader based in Winchester, Va. The company manufactures and distributes air filter elements in 100 market segments across six continents. It maintains a large, diversified inventory of high-quality, custom-made dust collector and baghouse filter bags, cartridge filters, pleated elements, and baghouse accessories in its global manufacturing facilities residing in Winchester, Bolingbrook, Ill., and  Nakskov, Denmark, for critical delivery. www.midwescofilter.com

Mississippi Lime Company
Booth 145
For a century, Mississippi Lime has provided the nation’s industries with high-calcium lime products.  The company has built its reputation on not only the quality of its lime but also on its technical expertise, commitment to research and development, and tradition of customer service. Built on one of the richest limestone reserves, Mississippi Lime is the most diversified producer of lime and calcium-based products in North America with production facilities in Ste. Genevieve, Mo., and Vicksburg, Miss. www.mississippilime.com

Neptune Automated Wheel Wash Systems
Booth 126
Neptune manufactures rugged, durable, easy-to-maintain wheel wash systems that are made to American standards and with readily available American components in Hot Springs, Ark. www.innovativeequipment.org

Nordstrong Equipment, Ltd.
Booth 55
In business for more than 100 years, Nordstrong Equipment prides itself as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of superior bulk material handling equipment. In addition to custom-designed and -built conveyor systems, the company also designs and manufactures a line of hoisting equipment for dump body applications under the Nordic trade name in the Hydraulics Division. www.nordstrongequipment.com

Norit Americas, Inc.
Booth 16
Norit is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of high-grade activated carbons and equipment systems. Our products are used to efficiently remove impurities from air, water, and other liquids and gases. Norit is showing its premier DARCO Hg and DARCO Hg-LH products for mercury-removal applications at the conference. Stop by the booth to learn how Norit can assist with compliance testing, ACI equipment, and cost-effectively controlling mercury emissions. www.norit-americas.com

O’Brien Analytics/Universal Analyzers
Booth 143
With headquarters in St. Louis and locations in Belgium, Singapore, and Shanghai, O’Brien Corp. is a major developer and producer of engineered tubing products. These systems include steam, electric traced, and insulated tubing under the Tracepak brand and ultra-high purity tubing and fittings from Cardinal UHP. O’Brien also produces Vipak process instrumentation enclosures and Saddlepak supports. These products are designed and marketed into the refining, petrochemical, power generation, offshore semiconductor, solar, and offshore platform construction industries around the world. www.obcorp.com

Ohio Lumex Company
Booth 83
For more than 15 years, Ohio Lumex has been a manufacturer of the market-leading RA 915 Atomic Absorption Mercury Spectrometer with Zeeman Background Correction. It is the most sensitive, reliable, and portable mercury measuring device in the world verified and highly recommended by the US EPA. In the last six years, we have used this analyzer to create the Sorbent Trap Analyzer System, an excellent tool for Reference Method 30B RATA and simple to use for Mercury Emissions Compliance Reporting. With vast experience in mercury, the company has become the most widely used manufacturer of the highest quality custom made and spiked sorbent traps. In addition, the company has a full staff laboratory capable of doing sorbent trap analysis, fly ash, coal, and all industrial testing, such as wastewater, boiler water, raw materials, and more. It has also created a portable Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitor, perfect for Sorbent Injection/Control Efficiency Verifications. www.ohiolumex.com

Onsite Energy Corporation
Booth 24
Onsite Energy is a comprehensive energy services company serving the industrial sector, with a special emphasis on the cement industry. Located in California, Onsite has been helping reduce customer utility costs with a proven success record beginning with feasibility studies, to project identification, procurement, engineering & design, financing, construction, savings measurement, and utility incentive administration. In the cement industry, Onsite has identified and supported implementation of energy-efficiency projects that are currently saving customers more than 100 million kilowatt hours annually and have generated over $7.5 million in efficiency incentives from the utility providers. The company’s comprehensive and independent approach helps find opportunities other companies and in-house engineers miss. Comprehensive project focus includes energy information and monitoring; energy efficiency; onsite has been competitively selected to manage and administer multiple utility incentives and rebate programs; onsite generation of electricity; demand reduction; and demand response. www.onsitenergy.com

Orbit Logistics
Booth 52
Powered by innovative technologies, this company’s extensive network of distribution centers and logistics specialists have provided speed fulfillment and expedited transportation management to a range of industries for more than 20 years. Dedicated services coupled with a suite of web-based technologies enables Orbit Logistics to provide optimized supply chain solutions that not only advances the success of clients, but also provides immediate impact to their bottom line. www.powerorbit.com

Booth 7
OSIsoft delivers the PI System, the industry standard in enterprise infrastructure, for management of real-time data and events. With installations in 107 countries, the OSIsoft PI System is used in manufacturing, energy, utilities, life sciences, data centers, facilities, and the process industries. This global installed base relies upon the OSIsoft PI System to safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational, manufacturing and business data. At this year’s IEEE Conference, representatives will discuss usage scenarios demonstrating how the PI System has enabled users to manage assets, mitigate risks, improve processes, make business decisions in real time, and identify competitive business and market opportunities. www.osisoft.com

Oxford Instruments America
Booth 66
Oxford Instruments combines value and performance into our benchtop X-Supreme8000 EDXRF and the MDX1060+ WDXRF spectrometer systems. Both instrument models are configured for a minimum of complexity and relatively few moving parts, ensuring rugged, field-proven reliability to the highest analytical standards. www.oxford-instruments.com

Pennsylvania Crusher
Booth 68
The company will display the Posimetric Feeder, known for its proven accuracy and low maintenance even when feeding sticky and/or abrasive materials. This feeder-with only one moving part-operates on the principle that, when confined, solid materials will form a self-supporting bridge. The Posimetric has been installed to replace both coal feeders and triple gates, as is ideal if there are problems feeding difficult materials or if a user wants to reduce feeder maintenance costs. Pennsylvania Crusher also manufactures many types of crushers, including impactors, hammermills, granulators, and cage mills. The company will display the Posimetric Feeder, known for its proven accuracy and low maintenance even when feeding sticky and/or abrasive materials. This feeder-with only one moving part-operates on the principle that, when confined, solid materials will form a self-supporting bridge. The Posimetric has been installed to replace both coal feeders and triple gates, as is ideal if there are problems feeding difficult materials or if a user wants to reduce feeder maintenance costs. Pennsylvania Crusher also manufactures many types of crushers, including impactors, hammermills, granulators, and cage mills. www.penncrusher.com

Penta Engineering
Booth 43
Founded in Charlotte, N.C., in 1987 and employee owned since 2004, Penta Engineering has provided high-quality design, engineering, procurement, and construction contract administration services to industry. Penta is a full-service engineering firm that was established to exclusively serve industrial clients. Staff is composed of experienced professionals, many of whom have been with Penta for more than 10 years and have more than 20 years of industrial experience. Penta has provided technical, consulting, design, engineering, operational, and construction contract administration services on numerous projects for more than 100 clients. Penta Engineering has established itself successfully in the industry by providing quality, cost-effective design and engineering services. By emphasizing service and thorough communication, it has met or exceeded the expectations of many clients and generated much repeat business. Projects vary in size and scope, ranging from small, single-discipline tasks to multi-million dollar greenfield facilities. Typical projects include: conceptual and on-site studies and evaluations, scope packages, cost estimates, detailed engineering and design, equipment specification and selection, procurement, inspection, construction contract administration, commissioning and start-up assistance. PENTA has served both domestic and international clients. www.pentaengr.com

Phillips Kiln Services
Booth 17
For more than 40 years, Phillips Kiln Services has provided the rotary kiln industry with grinding, alignment, and repair services along with engineering, replacement parts, consulting, and training seminars. It services the world from headquarters and facilities in the United States (Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Alabama) and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, and India. www.kiln.com

Plattco Corporation
Booths 107 & 108
To reduce maintenance time, increase efficiency, and lower costs, companies around the world choose Plattco when they need a valve that will: ensure a reliable, long-lasting seal even when the material is abrasive or corrosive, pressurized, or subject to extreme temperatures; be easy and inexpensive to maintain for decades of “like new” operation; and, fit their specific applications, using Plattco’s 50 years of experience designing exceptionally performing valves. Plattco invented the Double Flap Airlock valve in 1960 to eliminate leakage with sintering and pelletizing in the mining industry and for handling of cement clinker. Since then, Plattco valves have been installed in dozens of industries in all 50 states and more 60 countries. Many are purchased in place of rotary valves by bottom-line oriented managers who insist on valves that require less maintenance and improved productivity. As an integrated manufacturer, Plattco can seamlessly tackle the toughest applications with an experienced design team, pattern shop, foundry, and machine shop. They have earned an unmatched reputation for correcting process design problems in applications that involve extreme conditions. www.plattco.com

Pneumat Systems, Inc.
Booth 19
Founded in 1982 providing contract bin & silo cleaning services for the grain industry, this company has since evolved into an international business serving feed, cement, coal, paper, lime, food, steel, ethanol, plastic industries with our service and bulk flow aid equipment. This company manufactures and sells the bin whip/drills (the only all hydraulic unit) for silo cleaning, AirForce air cannons and Cardox blasting systems for clearing of blockages. www.pneumat.com

Polysius Corp.
Booths 8, 9 & 10
As a leader in the cement and mineral industries, Polysius Corp. can draw on nearly 150 years of experience in design, supply, and installation of cement plants and process equipment. Incorporated in 1973, Polysius Corp. proudly celebrates more than 35 years of dedication tocustomers in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. As an associated company of Polysius AG in Neubeckum, Germany, Polysius Corp. has built its reputation through the quality of its engineering and customer support, drawing on a range of world-class technologies and products for the benefit of clients. ISO9001 certified, the company believes in building customer relationships for the long term. www.polysiususa.com

Praxair, Inc.
Booth 114
With 27,000 employees and operations in 40 countries, this firm is focused on helping customers become more profitable, efficient, and environmentally friendly by supplying atmospheric, process, and specialty gases; high-performance coatings; and related services and technologies. The company’s primary products are: atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon), rare gases (produced when air is purified, compressed, cooled, distilled and condensed), and process & specialty gases (carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, semiconductor process gases, and acetylene, produced as byproducts of chemical production or recovered from natural gas). The company also designs, engineers, and constructs cryogenic and non-cryogenic supply systems. www.praxair.com

Process Solutions Canada Limited
Booth 134 & 155
Process Solutions Canada is focused primarily on the cement industry. For the past 25 years, the company has maintained a simple and successful philosophy: listen to customers and act on what they say. This had led to the development of numerous product and service innovations, but more importantly, it has led to long-term relationships in the industry that have become partnerships in cement. Specialties include; cement distribution solutions (self-service loading, plant portal, order and loading management); quality & environmental solutions (laboratory data management, raw mix control, waste fuels information management, and concrete design & testing); and automation solutions (distributed control systems). www.pscl.com

Promecon USA, Inc.
Booth 53
For the cement industry, Promecon provides process instrumentation for measuring air or gas flow in hot, dusty applications and measuring the mass flow of fine particles, such as pulverized coal flowing in a pipe. The Promecon gas flow measurement system is being utilized in more than 25 cement plants to control equipment based on actual gas flow near the process, including 18 measurements at Holcim’s St. Genevieve. The strength of the air flow measurement is hot dusty applications that have been difficult to measure. The sensors are solid rods and have been utilized in a variety of applications up to 1,100°C. Typical applications have been to control the gas flow through raw mills, tertiary air, primary air in coal pipes, bypass ducts, kiln exit, and around the cement mill loop. www.promecon.us

QSEM Solutions, Inc.
Booth 60
QSEM Solutions strives to meet and exceed expectations for successful project management. The company’s goal is to be a preferred supplier of quality environmental services staying true to the client and its employees, and staying centered on our core values of professionalism, insight, expertise, and integrity to provide solutions to the myriad of environmental issues facing industry and government. Areas of expertise include air management, water management, industrial hygiene and safety, and environmental assessments. www.qsemsolutions.com

Redecam Group
Booth 103
For more than 28 years, Redecam Group has provided filtration equipment, gas treatments systems, upgrade, and turnkey services in the cement industry. A consulting approach, solid experience, passion, creativity, and settled tradition are unique features that Redecam applies to its wide range of products. From minor applications to complex solutions, Redecam’s design features have resulted in exceptional performance and proven reliability. The company’s products include large-volume and high-dust-burden bag-filters; low- and medium-volume modular bag-filters; special bag-filters for coal mills and silos; hybrid filters—new and conversions; electrostatic precipitators—new, upgrades and retrofitting; air/air heat exchangers and process exhausts; gas conditioning and reaction towers; and standard and tailor-made screw conveyors and air locks. www.redecam.it

River Consulting
Booth 37
River Consulting delivers complete A/E services to the cement industry. As an industry partner, the company understands the economic, environmental, and operational issues that client’s face. The company delivers multidiscipline engineering and project management solutions for challenges of every size, including major capital investments as well as facility and process expansions. With experience spanning 30 years and 57 countries, the company is dedicated to helping solve challenges with innovative solutions that meet both the operational needs and economic constraints of business. Whether it’s a new facility, expansion or retrofit, the full A/E service experience includes terminal design, material handling systems, storage design and inspection, bulk loadout and unloading, slag and fly ash handling, emissions and dust control, crushing and milling, and electrical and control system solutions. www.riverconsulting.com

Rockwell Software
Booth 46 & 47
At Rockwell Automation, makers of Rockwell Software, helping manufacturers succeed and grow is what this company does best—with industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give customers a competitive advantage. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, solutions have proven themselves across a range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments. www.rockwellautomation.com

Sabia, Inc.
Booth 62
Sabia, Inc. is a leader in the supply of integrated nuclear elemental bulk material analyzers, associated software options, and nuclear analyzer services and support. All Sabia products are customized for the customer’s specific application. The Sabia X1 Series is a compact line of customizable elemental analyzers that provide the user with accurate, real-time elemental analysis. The information provided by the analyzer helps users optimize operational efficiency, eliminate process uncertainty, streamline the decision making process, lower costs, improve quality, and manage the impact on the environment. With a Sabia analyzer, cement plants can meet stockpile targets, control raw mix, reduce energy costs, extend quarry life, extend refractory life, and maximize profitability. www.sabiainc.com

Schenck Process
Booth 23
For more than 125 years, Schenck Process has been a leading manufacturer of bulk solids weighing and feeding equipment. A range of product offerings include pulverized coal feeding systems, weighfeeders, alternative fuel feeding systems, conveyor belt scales, kiln and additive feeders, solids flow meters, static weighing components, blending systems, and controls. Schenck Process has the product depth and knowledge to meet the dry material handling needs of cement manufacturers worldwide. With global representation in more than 75 countries, Schenck Process is able to offer sales, engineering, service support, and systems designed specifically for your weighing and feeding application. www.schenckamericas.com

Scheuch Inc.
Booth 151
Scheuch is a global design-build company providing reliable and efficient turnkey air pollution control systems for the cement and minerals industry. With its headquarters and technology center based in Austria, Scheuch caters to the needs of the North American cement and minerals industry from its well established office in London, Ontario, Canada. As a result of years of experience in plant engineering and construction, Scheuch has a detailed understanding of the requirements and processes involved in cement production and is uniquely positioned to provide efficient dedusting systems for the entire cement production process—from the rock quarry to the loading of cement. Scheuch’s range of products to the cement industry include air-to-air heat exchangers, gas conditioning towers, process bag filters, nuisance dust collectors, fans, screw conveyors, rotary valves and other accessories. Scheuch also undertakes turnkey conversion of existing ESPs to bag filters to comply with the new emission requirements. www.scheuch.com

Schneider Electric
Booths 136 & 137
From steel in the 19th century, to electrical distribution and automation in the 20th and energy management in the 21st, Schneider Electric has always been driven by an international, innovative, and responsible mindset to shape the transformation of the industry it was evolving in. Between energy generation and its usage, Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimize energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centers, buildings, and residential. With a portfolio in electrical distribution, industrial automation, critical power & cooling, building management and security, Schneider Electric is the only global specialist in energy management and a world leader in energy efficiency. www.schneider-electric.com

Seal Plus
Booth 69

Sentry Equipment Corp.
Booth 76
Sentry Equipment will feature its automatic bulk solids samplers, including their Model PR, at the IEEE Cement Conference. The Model PR is an automatic sampler for pneumatic conveying, designed for sampling bulk solids such as pellets, cement, chemicals, resins, and powders from dilute and dense phase pneumatic transfer lines. Features include isolated sample tube that captures a fixed sample volume; rapid cycling that acquires a large volume of sample over a short period of time; tube that retracts from the line to avoid any restriction in the product flow between sample cycles; and a design to eliminate the degradation of product. www.sentry-equip.com

SICK Maihak, Inc.
Booth 35 & 36
SICK Process Automation offers in-situ and extractive analyzers for gas and liquid analysis and measurement instrumentation for dust, opacity, volume flow, and level. www.sicknorthamerica.com

Booth 144
Siemens has the motors, drives, gearboxes, and couplings to serve the complete power conversion spectrum, driving both energy efficiency and productivity improvements. Innovative motion control technologies decrease time-to-market and increase overall productivity and reliability. The company provides value-added services such as mechatronic support and online services for web-based preventive maintenance. Its award-winning product lines allow customers to achieve business goals, whether they are energy savings, energy capture, reduced time to market, process improvements, or simply working with a service partner who can be there whenever and wherever needed. www.usa.siemens.com

T.E. Ibberson Company
Booth 50
Since 1881, T.E. Ibberson Company has been setting the standard for designing and building innovative, cost-effective plants worldwide. For more than 125 years, the company has been an industry-preferred engineering and construction company, meeting, and exceeding lients’ expectations. Our experience includes: renewable fuels, cement and mineral, and specialty slipform. Projects range from $500,000 to $200 million. The company is confident in its proven project execution plans, and the engineering and design/build capabilities are among the best in the industries served. www.ibberson.com

Tank Connection
Booth 102
Tank Connection is the leading manufacturer of bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld, and hybrid silos for cement storage applications. If a project involves a single silo or an integrated storage system, no one offers more services and creative solutions than Tank Connection. Get Connected with engineers’ first choice in storage. www.tankconnection.com

Tapco, Inc.
Booth 100
Tapco stocks the largest inventory of elevator buckets and bolts in North America, some 900,000 buckets in 64 sizes and 14 million bolts. Tapco also has the largest inventory of abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights, and hanger bearings in North America. The shipping department is geared to handle the most urgent of emergencies, and rush orders are welcome. The company has exported to more than 50 different countries around the world. Stocking distributors are located strategically in North America, Central America, South America, Australia, Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim. www.tapcoinc.com

Booth 101
With more than 100 years of experience in motor designs, TECO-Westinghouse is a premier supplier of AC/ DC motors. From 1 to 100,000 hp, these high-quality machines are used to drive fans, grinders, crushers, kilns, pumps, and many other rugged applications in the cement and aggregate industry. Induction motors are available in wound rotor or squirrel cage configurations and are proven designs with rugged frame construction, advanced bearing and insulation systems, and heavy-duty rotor construction for dependable service. Pair these motors with one of the advanced variable-frequency drives for a reliable package, or work with the service team to discuss the repair/refurbish services for installed motors. TWMC is able to provide quality motors, drives, and power solutions, all from the company’s headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. This capability, combined with global manufacturing resources, distinctively positions TECO-Westinghouse to serve customer needs. www.tecowestinghouse.com

Tekran Instruments Corp.
Booth 6
Tekran is the premier supplier of mercury continuous emissions monitoring systems (HgCEMS), and the company stands ready to assist the cement industry in meeting EPA’s PC MACT regulations by supplying the most accurate and reliable HgCEMS in the world. With offices in Seattle, Knoxville, and Toronto, Canada, and manufacturing support in Minneapolis, the company is well positioned to provide a quick response and quality service. For cement plant operators and managers, the selection and installation of the proper HgCEMS technology can provide valuable data on mercury concentrations during steady state, mill down, and upset conditions. This data can be used to help select the proper pollution control and optimize its operation once installed. Tekran technologies have been chosen by demanding and discerning customers from cement, coal-fired power plants, steel production, incineration, systems integrators, air pollution control equipment providers, and research groups. Its calibration systems are actively used by both EPA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Beyond mercury, Tekran can integrate companion measurement systems for Total Hydrocarbons (THC), Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), and Particulate Mass (PM) emissions monitoring. www.tekran.com

TEMCOR Conservatek
Booth 61
Founded in 1964, this company designs, manufactures, and erects clear-span, maintenance-free aluminum domes and related space frames used for covering tankage and storage facilities of all types and shapes. More than 7,000 of this firm’s domes have been installed throughout the world since its first aluminum dome for a water storage was built in 1968. Since that time, the largest known dome-covered bulk storage facility in the world using eleven 120-meter domes for coal storage was completed in Taiwan. www.temcor.com

Thermo Scientific
Booth 120 & 121
Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the world’s largest and most innovative cement producers with leading-edge analytical and instrumentation solutions that ensure product quality and improve plant profitability. Solutions include analytical spectroscopy, online elemental analysis, gas analysis, instruments for conveyors, material weighing, feeding and monitoring, and level sensors. The Thermo Scientific CB Omni online elemental analyzer helps cement producers reduce energy consumption, increase process efficiency and save cost. Its installation ease and flexibility provides minimal impact to the existing operation and installed cost savings, while bringing a new level of analytical performance to the industry. The new Thermo Scientific Blast-Hole Xpert (BHX) is an innovative system that provides real-time, at-line analysis of drill cuttings. The BHX system helps quarry operations distinguish recoverable rock from waste rock, gain a greater understanding of material composition, and avoid costly re-handling errors. Other offerings from Thermo Fisher include: ARL 9900 total cement analyzer; weigh feeders, weigh scales, level gauges, sampling systems, tramp metal detection and conveyor accessories; gas analysis solutions for emissions monitoring and process gas analysis; and laboratory information management systems (LIMS). www.thermo.com/cement

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd.
Booth 26
Thermoteknix Systems is a leader in infrared temperature measurement for the global cement industry and will be demonstrating several products in their booth this year. Just launched is the new Centurion TK50 kiln shell scanner in a smaller, rugged package with digital output and fibreoptic signal transmission for error-free communications in noisy environments. The new TK50 scanner runs the award-winning WinCEM Graphic Professional software, which provides real-time, 3D kiln data visualization and has had many significant new features added this year. The VisIR 640 high-definition, thermal imaging camera. VisIR 640’s superior thermal resolution gives sharp, high-definition images, making fault diagnosis fast and reliable. With its high resolution, VisIR 640 allows you to cover the same tasks in a fraction of the time. A lower cost 320x 240 resolution VisIR model is also available. Thermoteknix ThermaScope SLK is a high-temperature, radiometric kiln and cooler camera with real-time imaging for improved efficiency, increased combustion control and lower pollution. A low-cost, non-radiometric ThermaScope HTV version is also available. Also being demonstrated is Thermoteknix’s WinBrix Refractory Expert Software. www.thermoteknix.com

Thorwesten Vent GmbH
Booth 4
For years, the name Thorwesten is known for silos that warrant the rock materials-, limestone-, and similar industries economical storage and material transfer. When the demand for pressure shock resistant silos for storage of potentially dust explosion hazardous bulk arose, the company took up constructional explosion protection as complementary activity. Today, Thorwesten Vent is an internationally recognized specialized company for constructional explosion protection and the manufacturer of self-reclosing, internationally patented explosion doors. The company offers explosion protection-related consultancy for both the planning of new- and the correction of existing grinding facilities for solid fuels. The special features of the air-cushioned explosion doors and the great expertise regarding their implementation in such systems are indispensable for this kind of application. Thorwesten Vent supplies pressure shock resistant silos for solid fuels. If required, workshop drawings and static calculations for worldwide realization by third parties also can be offered. www.thorwesten.com

Turbosonic, Inc.
Booth 132
TurboSonic is a global supplier of air pollution control and liquid atomization technologies. Product offering, developed through our extensive industry experience, represents the most advanced solutions available. With innovative design features for high-efficiency emissions control, patented products are designed to outperform regulatory requirements, improve performance and energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and recover valuable by-products. To optimize customer investment, the company also offers aftermarket service and performance upgrades to existing equipment. www.turbosonic.com

Turnell Corp.
Booth 163
Turnell Corp. is a multidisciplinary engineering firm focused on developing projects and solutions for the cement, lime, and other industrial facilities throughout North and South America. The company is a leader in the application of modern engineering tools such as 3-Dimensional modeling software. Expertise includes process engineering and design, plant optimization, material processing and handling, fuel firing, processing and handling, industrial gas processing and handling, and environmental emission controls. www.turnellcorp.com

Tyco Environmental Systems
Booth 56
Tyco Environmental Systems (TES) is a manufacturer and supplier of a suite of products and services totally focused on the provision of solutions to industry and, as importantly, the environment. Whether air, gas or water, TES has the solutions and the ability to monitor, record, display, decipher, and deliver data meaningfully and in the manner most appropriate to the client. TES works closely with clients to tailor the best solution and not just offer a product. From industrial components and instruments to complete ‘turn-key’ solutions, TES is positioned to meet all needs. www.cleanairsystems.com

Unicast, Inc.
Booth 49
Unicast designs and distributes high-quality cast replacement wear parts for the cement, mining, and aggregate industries worldwide. Core products include diverter valves, apron feeder pans, drag chains, hammers and blow bars, mill liners, grizzly panels, cooler grates, and OEM castings. Unicast designs wear parts to optimize production efficiency and maximize cost-savings. On-site design, customized solutions, 10-week delivery times, and stocked wear parts for two-week deliveries demonstrate Unicast’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The Convertible Modular Diverter Valve (CMV) is designed for one-man, two-hour inline maintenance. A removable lever mechanism allows for easy replacement of wear parts, if needed, and inline right-left reconfiguration of the valve. Both outlets are lined with 0.5-in.-thick ceramic liners with a minimum 25-year life expectancy. www.unicast.com

United Refractories Company
Booth 14
United Refractories Co. was founded in 1973 and started manufacturing specialty refractories in Detroit in 1975. At that time, the foundry market was undergoing major changes with the introduction of induction furnace melting and more efficient cupolas. The company enjoyed steady growth as it supplied new and higher tech products to this developing market. In 1999, the company built a new corporate facility 20 miles south of Pittsburgh that houses management, sales, and marketing. Quality products meeting specific needs brought about growth in not only the foundry industry, but also in the steel, aluminum, power, and cement market both domestically and internationally. Continuous improvement to the manufacturing, equipment, and development processes enables the company to produce consistent and high-quality products. A commitment to a total quality program is supported by a technically competent sales and customer group that takes pride in customer satisfaction. www.unitedrefractoriesco.com

Vega Industries, Ltd.
Booth 84
Vega Industries is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and optimization of all ball mill internals and wear components for vertical mills. Parts are utilized worldwide and the company is committed to supplying an answer for maintenance and process. Stop by its booth to discuss how the company can assist an plant in becoming a world leader in cement production. www.vega-industries.com

Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH
Booth 94
Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde GmbH, also known as Venti Oelde, is one of the world’s leading providers of large and special fans for the cement, lime, and gypsum industries. They are in use throughout the complete production process chain, from firing and cooling, grinding and separating to dust removal. The fans work under arduous conditions, depending on the operating point and application, and they fulfil various functions. Venti Oelde, founded in 1930, is located in Oelde/Germany to the northeast of the Ruhr area. The maintenance, upkeep, checking, repair, upgrading, rationalisation, and extension of plants complete the available services. A large number of field offices, agents and licensees ensure that Venti Oelde keeps in close touch with all business partners. www.venti-oelde.de

W. L. Gore
Booth 70
Gore membrane filters and system optimization applications team ensures reliable baghouse productivity at the lowest total cost of ownership. For more than 35 years, Gore Filtration Products have reliably helped cement producers using every type of kiln and mill system to reach production and operational targets. The company achieves this by combining extensive analysis and applications support with its most technically advanced membrane filters. Engineering goes beyond the physical bags to optimize operating temperatures, flow and fan settings, baffles, and any parameter that can impact system productivity. In addition, Gore will ensure that plants stay environmentally friendly and in compliance with all PC MACT or HWC MACT standards. Gore filters and applications teams optimize the entire baghouse for the least expense and highest long-term reliability. www.gore.com/optimization

Wear-Concepts, Inc.
Booth 154
Wear-Concepts is a specialty supplier, designer, and installer of wear- and abrasion-resistant products. With nearly 75 years combined service in the cement industry, Wear-Con offers solutions to some of the toughest wear problems in conveying systems, clinker handling systems, crushing operations, and pipelines. Wear-Con provides turn-key installations with MSHA Part 46 certified field crews. Wear-Con provides most standard wear products, including wear plate, overlay plate, pipe, ceramics, and wear compounds and provides several unique solutions which are setting the standard for wear performance including: XP Bi-Metallic Hammer, which is rapidly setting a new standard and making all other manganese hammers obsolete; SHC 800 High Chrome Wear Panels, cast from High Chrome white iron, specially designed for easy installation; Triple Bead 90 Ceramic Wear Compound, with unique 3-bead solution in an epoxy matrix; and WC304HT stainless steel wear plate with excellent corrosion, wear, and sliding performance. www.wearcon.com

WEG Electric
Booth 5

Welding Alloys Group
Booths 95 & 96
Welding Alloys USA manufactures a range of tubular, flux-cored welding wire for hard-facing and fabrication, supplies welding equipments, and provides welding services using its own materials and equipment for the hard-facing and cladding of components worn in service. As a Vertical Mill Hardfacing and Ultra-thin composite Wear Plate Specialist, Welding Alloys is committed to customer service to provide the most effective solution and ensure customers long-term satisfaction. Knowledge of service conditions of worn components enables the company to recommend the appropriate welding method and welding materials to provide exceptional component service life, always exceeding the original performance. Rebuilding/hardfacing of components can be done automatically in-situ or in-house by the WA’s highly trained, MSHA-certified Integra team. The company’s main applications include: cement table and rollers (including ceramic embedded grinding rolls), hydraulic roller breakers, buckets, cones, screw conveyors, crushers, wear plates, fans, roller presses, hammers, impactors and bucket elevators. www.welding-alloys.com

Williams Patent Crusher
Booths 115 & 116
The fundamental principles of size reduction and thermoprocessing are still employed at this company as they have been for decades. Williams Patent Crusher’s staff of qualified engineers combines the benefits of irreplaceable practical experience with the sophisticated accuracy of our own CAD/CAM interactive graphics computer system with finite analysis, which permits three-dimensional, on-screen design of parts and translates them into numerical language for actual machining to keep us in the forefront modern manufacturing. Test laboratory is geared to the practical analysis and solution of almost any material handling problem. This often results in partial or complete customization of individual mills or total systems to meet each client’s particular needs. Evidence of today’s viability of the Williams Way are the facts that more than 500 patents have helped over 20,000 Williams mills and systems make reduction a science throughout the world. www.williamscrusher.com

Woma Corporation
Booth 117
Woma Corporation delivers water jetting pumps, units, and accessories that operate safely, reliably, and efficiently at pressures from 10,000 to 43,500 psi. Equipment is used in applications ranging from paint stripping to sewer cleaning. By harnessing the unbelievable force of water, one can remove the toughest deposits from almost any substrate. Concrete restoration contractors use this energy in a process called hydro-demolition to selectively remove concrete from bridges and parking structures in rehabilitation projects. While painting contractors will use it in surface-preparation applications to remove old coatings and prepare a steel surface for the application of a new coating. www.womacorp.com

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