Online Analyzer

This company announced a new online analyzer for cement manufacturers that offers real-time analysis of raw materials and the unique option of using an electronic neutron generator or californium as the source of neutrons. This revolutionary analyzer is called the CB Omni Flex. In response to customer concerns about the supply of californium-252, this new model enables customers to choose the source of neutrons, not only at the time of purchase, but at any subsequent time in the life of the product. The CB Omni Flex offers the same reliable, high-performance of the best-selling CB Omni analyzer, including minute-by-minute analysis of raw materials, easy integration into conveyor lines and a lightweight, compact design. Also, like the CB Omni, the CB Omni Flex’s dual Sodium Iodide (NaI) detector design ensures superior lateral uniformity during analysis. In addition, both the CB Omni and CB Omni Flex have eliminated the need for a protective building or sunshade, and the analyzers have wireless transmission features that create efficiencies and extend cost savings to customers. Thermo Fisher Scientific;

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