Explosion-Proof LED Light

Magnalight.com has announced the addition of the EPL-BS-161M-100 explosion-proof LED light with spun aluminum base to its line of explosion proof LED lighting equipment. Producing 10,000 lumens of bright white light, this 16-in. LED light provides illumination for 8,000 square feet of work area. Suitable for confined spaces, a 16-in.-diam LED light-head with integrated handle and copper free spun aluminum base, which has been predrilled for permanent mounting options, makes this a versatile LED lighting solution for hazardous work areas where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present. This explosion-proof LED light can be carried via its integrated handle and set up as a portable unit or permanently installed in the hazardous workspace. The light angle can be adjusted via thumbscrews located on either side of the 16-in.-diam light head.

The explosion-proof LED light provides operators in hazardous locations where petrochemical vapors or combustible dusts are present with a safe and versatile LED lighting solution. The 16-in.-diam LED light head on this unit has a convenient carrying handle and produces 10,000 lumens of high quality light in a wide flood pattern. Mated to a 12.5-in.-diam circular base that has been predrilled with three, 0.437″ diameter holes, this LED light can be used as a portable explosion-proof illuminator or bolted into place as a permanent hazardous area fixture. To provide operators with flexibility, the LED light assembly on this unit can be adjusted through 90 degrees of tilt and is connected to power sources via 100 feet of SOOW explosion-proof cord that provides plenty of length for access to outlets outside the hazardous area if needed.

This explosion-proof light is multi-voltage capable and can be operated using voltages ranging from 120VAC to 277VAC without the need for special transformers or added hardware. The LED design of this light provides exceptional lamp longevity with 60,000 hours of rated operational life while also operating at much cooler temperatures than comparable halogen or HID lamps. Both the LED lamp housing and base are constructed of non sparking aluminum and offer exceptional durability as well as safe and effective positioning of the unit. Rated Class 1 Div 1, Class 1 Div 2, Groups A, B, C, and D and drawing a mere 150 watts while producing 10,000 lumens bright light, this explosion-proof LED fixture provides an ideal lighting solution for hazardous locations where the highest protection is needed and less heat desired. Larson Electronics, 800-369-6671, or 214- 616-6180, www.Magnalight.com

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