Internet Bin Monitoring

BinMaster Level Controls has teamed up with Sprint on its BinView machine-to-machine (M2M) cloud-computing inventory management solution that allows businesses to monitor inventory in their bins, tanks and silos over the Internet. This Web-based inventory management system provides bin level information on demand, combining BinMaster SmartBob level sensors and the Sprint wireless networks to make the data easily available via the Internet.

The BinView interface is cloud based and works independently of the company network, so it is available virtually anywhere, anytime to any person authorized to access the data. Each user can configure their dashboard to select the locations and bins they need to monitor. A popular BinView feature is to send automated level alerts to a cell phone or via email any time a bin level reaches a predetermined high or low level. For example, a user can set a high level alert in a bin to ensure it is not overfilled. Conversely, a low-level message can be sent to a vendor when a bin gets to a low level, alerting the vendor to make a delivery.

BinView is appropriate for any operation that has bins of solid materials that need to be measured and monitored such as grain, animal feed, food ingredients, plastics, cement, aggregates, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or any other powder or bulk solid flowing material. It is appropriate for any industry that has storage or process bins and needs level data to ensure inventory is adequate. BinView is very scalable and can be used to monitor one up to hundreds of bins at a single or at multiple locations. It allows for vendor managed inventory (VMI) to enable replenishment of critical materials when bin levels reach a predetermined level.

With more than 10 years of experience with machine-to-machine (M2M), Sprint has been at the forefront of this wireless industry revolution, teaming with and supporting a large, diverse portfolio of innovative companies to create smarter wireless solutions. Sprint and its associates have already brought to market a wide array of solutions that feature a host of devices running on our network, which are changing the way people work and live, including benefits to a variety of categories. To learn more, visit

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