Air Pollution Control Service

Golden Eagle Technologies LLC, a premier provider of dust-collection and other air-pollution-control equipment within the Rocky Mountain region, announced a new service,

The company’s proprietor, Greg Black, developed the website to provide basic air-pollution control project support to plant engineers who need assistance with sizing new equipment or improving upon an existing system. Black stated, “We apply our expertise for the sizing and selection of collection hoods, air flow selections, ductwork, air pollution control devices, and effect appropriate fan selections to induce sufficient system air flow and pressure for your elevation. Dry Jet Pulse Baghouse or Cartridge Collector Systems are supported for dusts, as well as Wet Scrubbers for chemical vapors.

Electrostatic Precipitators are applied for oil mists, kitchen exhaust and some weld fume control … costs are reduced by providing scaled two dimensional sketches with equipment layouts and duct runs for the plant engineer to detail and implement.” also offers field advisement services. Existing systems can be evaluated for potential improvements. Black added, “We welcome the challenges of retrofits, where sometimes through fan speed changes, filtration device modifications and redesign of duct/hoods , we can make a dysfunctional system function. We can assist clients who are considering used equipment purchases or expansion cost planning.”

Golden Eagle Technologies, 

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