Twin-Shaft Mixers

At bauma 2013, BHS-Sonthofen unveiled twin-shaft mixers from its new DMX series. With an extensive modular system and various options, they can be customized to the products of the user, from fine-grained materials such as cement to mortar mixtures with coarse particles up to 8 mm in size. BHS offers a range of machines with throughput rates of up to 300 tph.

Since many manufacturers produce different products in succession, a residue-free discharge of the trough is important. In the case of the DMX series, this is carried out by means of large, hydraulically operated discharge door wings that are available in two variants for fine and coarse-grained mixture products. The discharge door wing for fine-grained mixtures has a seal to prevent fine-grained materials, such as cement, from escaping; it is also waterproof.

Depending on the abrasiveness of the mixture, various wear liners are available. All wearing parts in the mixer, such as mixing arms or blades, are screw-fitted and are thus easy to adjust or exchange. This simplifies maintenance and increases the availability of the plant.

BHS-Sonthofen GmbH, 

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