Management Software

25 Dynamic 150

Dynamic Systems, a leading provider of barcode tracking solutions since 1981, launched the SQL database on all its Checkmate Solutions. Checkmate applications include: ID badge systems, tool and equipment management, job tracking, and capital asset management. The SQL update gives management the ability to manage and view information from each location as well as viewing a “snapshot” of their company’s…

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Conveyor Belt Cleaner

24 Martin 150

A new conveyor belt cleaner has been engineered to contain a smaller total volume of urethane, while maximizing the usable area, produced in a streamlined process that allows the manufacturer to reduce the purchase price and overall cost of ownership. By minimizing the non-consumable portion of the blade, the heavy-duty primary belt cleaner delivers the same performance and durability as…

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Tilt Switch

23 BinMaster 48

BinMaster announced an innovative, patent-pending tilt switch used for high level detection of powders and bulk solids. The new BM-TSM tilt switch mounts on the top of the bin and activates an alarm when material rises and tilts the switching mechanism 15 degrees. The shaft of the tilt switch is custom-made in lengths from 1 ft. to 8 ft. in length, dependent…

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Sampling Software

23 FLSmidth 150

FLSmidth has released a new version of its QCX/AutoSampling and QCX/RoboLab software. The release is a major leap forward in laboratory automation solutions, with improvements especially directed at improved usability for the operators and maintenance personnel. This is achieved through integration of sampling equipment, sample preparation equipment and the software, optimizing system availability and minimizing operational costs. The eighth version of…

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Creative Conveying

18 BEUMER1 150

A Pipe Conveyor Replaces a Drag Chain Conveyor and Throws Schwenk Zement a Curve. By Mark S. Kuhar Schwenk Zement KG replaced its old drag chain conveyor line with a modern pipe conveyor from Beumer Group. Requiring a solution that would transport alternative fuels such as crushed plastic material, textiles and paper from the warehouse to the feeding system of…

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Picking Up Bad Vibrations

15 Hansford 150

Vibration Monitoring Can Boost The Efficiency Of Machinery Used In Cement Manufacturing By Reducing Downtime. By Chris Hansford The boom in infrastructure building worldwide means that cement production is on the rise. World cement volumes are expected to see a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.9 percent to 2017, according to CW Group in its latest survey of the industry.…

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Information on Demand

13 Kruse 150

Automatic Data Collection And Real-Time Reporting Benefit Cement Manufacturer. By Mark S. Kuhar Dry cement may look like a hodgepodge of soot and gravel when it pours out of the bag, but each package is the result of a carefully calculated process. With more than a dozen possible components – which can differ based on the aggregate “recipe” needed for various…

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