Sampling Software

23 FLSmidth 150

FLSmidth has released a new version of its QCX/AutoSampling and QCX/RoboLab software. The release is a major leap forward in laboratory automation solutions, with improvements especially directed at improved usability for the operators and maintenance personnel.23 FLSmidth 400

This is achieved through integration of sampling equipment, sample preparation equipment and the software, optimizing system availability and minimizing operational costs. The eighth version of the QCX software is based on more than 40 years of experience and feedback from the company’s extensive installed base. The aim has been to create the most operator and maintenance friendly sampling and sample preparation system for the cement and minerals industries, noted FLSmidth.

The QCX software is highly flexible with well-designed user interfaces which provide unmatched overview of the automated laboratory and sampling system. Designed for the purpose, standard tasks like making new sample preparation recipes or tracking samples and results have been made fast and intuitive.

With the new QCXSYS V8 programming standard, all FLSmidth sampling, sample transport and sample preparation equipment is delivered with predefined, uniform and comprehensive equipment diagnostics achieved through deep integration of the QCX equipment with the QCX software.

The availability of relevant equipment KPIs reduces the need for specialized knowledge to operate and maintain the equipment and enables maintenance personnel to plan and conduct preventive maintenance in a fast and direct manner with the required wear part at hand.

Prior to this launch, the QCX/RoboLab and QCX/AutoSampling V8 software successfully undergone industrial testing for the six months at four major sites.


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