Beumer Bag Placer

As a complete systems provider for packaging lines, Beumer has now developed a bag placer for valve bottom bags and flat valve bags.

With its standardized modular design, the bag placer provides numerous set-up options. The user can set it up at any angle by adding an optional turntable for example. This reduces the required floor space considerably. The system is equipped with an ergonomic control terminal. The improved Human Machine Interface concept makes controlling the Beumer bag placer easy and intuitive. It can also automatically adjust to different valve bag formats.

The Beumer bag placer for valve bottom bags can use PP, PE and paper valve bottom bags. Bag lengths of 350 to 650 mm and bag widths of 230 and 550 mm are possible as well as valve widths of 80 to 160 mm. The new system can handle 3,000 bags per hour, and the high-capacity version up to 6,000 bags.

With the Beumer bag placer for flat valve bags the operator can chose between two versions, depending on which side they prefer the placing unit. In order to considerably reduce its footprint, the bag placer can be set up at an angle of up to 60 degrees by using the optional turntable. The Beumer bag placer for flat valve bags is used for woven PP and PE bags with lengths of 600 to 800 mm, widths of 400 to 550 mm and valve widths of 125 to 150 mm. Its capacity is up to 2,400 bags per hour.

The patented opening system in the placing unit opens the bag valve. This ensures that the bags are correctly applied on the filling spouts and avoids standstill during the filling process. The Beumer bag placer can be easily adjusted to different bag formats.

Beumer Group,

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