Bulk Solids Level Indicators

Dynatrol DJ and GJ Series level indicators are designed for high, intermediate or low point level detection. The indicators have no moving parts and require no adjustments, resulting in low operating costs. A rugged design and vibrating probe prevents build-up and ensures the most reliable level measurement, according to the manufacturer.

The level detectors consist of a rod style probe, which is installed through the wall of the bin or duct at the point of desired level detection. When the probe is uncovered, the rod is free to vibrate and produce an output signal. This signal operates a relay indicating the rod is uncovered and a low level exists. A dampening of the oscillation occurs when the rod is covered and the resultant loss of signal de‐energizes the relay indicating a high level exists.

Dynatrol level detectors also work great in dusty environments and in vessels equipped with vibrators. The units are factory calibrated with no field calibration required and approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III services.

The Dynatrol EC-501A and EC-501A(G) Control Unit combines with the DJ and G Series Dynatrol Level Detectors, including sealed and suspended units. Within the control units, a SPDT relay is operated from the on/off signal of the Dynatrol Level Detector. Simply actuate process control equipment, level alarms or indicator lights from the contacts of the control unit.

Automation Products Inc., www.dynatrolusa.com

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