Cemex Receives CLADEA Award for Work in Colombia

Cemex announced that the Latin American Council of Management Schools (CLADEA in Spanish) from North University in Colombia recognized the company’s continued commitment to the economic and social development of the country.

“Among our development projects, we have improved Colombia’s primary and tertiary roads. For example, the Ecovías initiative achieved significant improvements over traditional paving solutions, and thanks to it, we are reaching different post-conflict zones, where infrastructure has fallen behind. Corporate social responsibility cannot be an isolated area within a company,” said Mariana Jaramillo, vice president of corporate affairs, Cemex Colombia.

Active for over a half century, CLADEA is an international organization that reunites both higher education institutions and international organizations committed to the teaching and research of management. Currently, 240 public and private institutions from Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania are members of CLADEA.

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