Argos Receives Corporate Social Responsibility Seal in Honduras

The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility in Honduras (FUNDAHRSE) recognized Cementos Argos’ continued commitment to the development and sustainable growth in the country by awarding the producer with its CSR Seal. The foundation annually highlights companies that integrate responsible actions in their business model.

“This recognition makes us feel proud and confident to continue the efforts deploying best practices focused in adding value to society, the environment and the company, while contributing to sustainable development of the country,” said Gustavo Uribe, general manager of Cementos Argos in Honduras.

The seal was created by FUNDAHRSE in 2007 to fulfil more than 200 indicators through seven fundamental subjects that are considered as the key management of social responsibility: governance, human rights, labor practices, environment, fair operation practices, consumer affairs, community participation and development.

“For Cementos Argos it is a privilege to be recognized as a reliable, transparent and socially responsible company, which is the result of our actions that benefit the country and its people,” said Camilo Restrepo, Cementos Argos vice president of the Caribbean and Central American Region.

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