Cemex Launches Eco-Friendly CEMSlag in California

Cemex USA announced it is now offering CEMSlag – a durable and eco-friendly cement solution that enhances the quality of concrete – in California. CEMSlag is currently CalTrans-approved. 

The hydraulic cementitious material is created when blast-surface slag, a by-product from the steel manufacturing process, is finely ground to size in order to produce a binder suited for concrete. The material offers multiple benefits, including lower permeability for increased resistance to chemical attack, reduced heat of hydration thereby reducing thermal cracking, and in many cases, higher 28-day comprehensive and flexural strength than comparable products. 

Use of CEMSlag results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thus the product is more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to other cement solutions. Slag cement has been shown to contribute to projects by achieving LEED points, the internationally-recognized sustainability certification.

“In addition to all the environmental benefits, CEMSlag provides convenience and extended workability in concrete,” said Francisco Rivera, Cemex USA vice president cement sales – West Region. “The fine particles of CEMSlag help create a fluid paste, allowing for easier and improved finishing properties. Concrete produced from CEMSlag is also lighter in color, which makes concrete structures built with this cement more effective in reflecting light, and therefore heat – structures become more energy efficient. We are proud to offer this value-added solution to enhance the projects developed by our customers.”   

“At Cemex, we are always working to innovate and find solutions that are not only environmentally-friendly but also allow us to better serve our customers and their needs,” said Joel Galassini, Cemex USA executive vice president cement commercial. “Since CEMSlag is sustainable, it can help our customers achieve high environmental standards while ensuring great quality, strong performance and durability.” 

CEMSlag is available in bulk from Cemex locations in West Sacramento, Redwood City and Long Beach, Calif.    

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