FLSmidth Launches New Generation of Site Management Apps

CMA121119 FLSmidth

FLSmidth is bringing the digital revolution to the cement and mining industries with a new generation of products focused on delivering real-time data on the go. These latest products form part of the FLSmidth ENABLR portfolio of digital solutions that connect, monitor and optimize asset performance and enable customers to simplify operations and improve productivity. 

CMA121119 FLSmidth“With on-demand and remote access to key data points, we are putting users in control of optimizing their plant and equipment performance health,” said Ole Knudsen, head of digitalization product management. “We live in an interconnected, data-rich world. Our suite of products helps make sense of this data, bringing insight and transparency to plant and equipment operations. Ultimately, we want to give users a better night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that their plant and equipment are operating as they should be – and that they have the ability to respond quickly and effectively if the unexpected happens.”

These three new products are:

SiteConnect Mobile Insights App. An intuitive-to-use and simple-to-navigate mobile app, delivers insights on the go with on-demand equipment and plant performance and health data. Data signals – known as tags in the app – can be easily found and monitored. Tags can be grouped into collections to offer snapshot summary reports of critical indicators, such as production, equipment performance or equipment health. A favorites list enables users to recall key data instantly. Email alerts and push notifications inform users when pre-defined events occur, e.g. unplanned downtime or production shortages, allowing prompt resolution of issues. 

ECS/PlantDataManagement. A comprehensive management information system designed for the cement and minerals industries. The latest browser-based system integrates all process and quality information islands, making critical real-time plant data available to operational, management and executive personnel. The system can cover one process area, a complete plant or several facilities, following an Enterprise architecture. Dashboards, process analysis and process/production reports have never been more easily available. 

ECS/UptimeGo. A downtime analysis solution to help plant staff identify the issues that interrupt operations and prevent unwanted future downtime. ECS/UptimeGo is now fully integrated into a single platform with ECS/PlantDataManagement, allowing simultaneous analysis of process, production, health and downtime data via a unified user interface. The solution calculates the economic value of downtime, allowing plant staff to focus on finding the root causes of the problems that impact plant productivity. 

More information on these FLSmidth ENABLR products can be found here.  

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