KEMPER Extends CleanAirTower Series


KEMPER launched two general ventilation systems with storage filters onto the market – the CleanAirTower SF 5000 and SF 9000 models. Thanks to Cloud connectivity on the Kemper Connect portal, all parameters can be monitored from anywhere at any time. The manufacturer recommends the systems as a supplement to source extraction.


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“Clean hall air for all staff in the entire production area is a real benefit for employers in the context of the shortage of skilled workers,” said Björn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH. “General ventilation systems as a supplement to source extraction protect not just the welders themselves. They are therefore an important component for effective air pollution control.”

With the extension of the CleanAirTower series, Kemper now also offers a room ventilation solution for low fine dust loads. Whereas the CleanAirTower SF 5000 has an extraction capacity of 5,000 cu. meters per hour, the CleanAirTower SF 9000 is capable of cleaning 9,000 cu. meters of air per hour. Thanks to their comparatively low height, they can also be installed in plants with low ceiling heights.

Employees can switch on a new TurboBoost mode if the concentration of hazardous substances is extremely high at times. This temporarily increases the extraction capacity by around 30%, which allows the towers to capture more contaminated air for a limited period of time and reduce welding fume ceilings more quickly. Even at the highest power level, the noise level is only 76 dB(A).

The KEMPER Connect portal is able to control the CleanAirTower automatically. The permanent recording and evaluation of relevant process parameters also enables predictive maintenance – and even paves the way for Smart Maintenance. In the web-based IoT solution, service employees have full control over their general ventilation systems anywhere and at any time.

The use of replaceable storage filters results in lower investment costs for businesses than cleanable filters. Because different filter media can be integrated in the systems, the new CleanAirTowers are suitable for various production environments.


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