BinMaster Offers New Hard Wiring Alternative

An affordable connectivity solution, BinMaster’s new Quick Disconnect simplifies wiring and expedites the installation and replacement of sensors – making it easy to remove sensors for cleaning or to replace a damaged unit without the need for a licensed electrician.Available in either the M12 Eurofast or 7/8-in. Minifast sizes, Quick Disconnect consist of male and female connectors – purchased separately. The male connector is installed in the sensor’s conduit opening and pre-wired to the control board. Once installed, the sensor can be easily removed by disconnecting it from the field-wireable straight female connector.

Quick Disconnect can be used with most BinMaster point level sensors including rotaries, vibrating rods, capacitance probes, and tilt switches. The wiring solution can also be used with BinMaster’s flow detection sensor. By adding a T connector, Quick Disconnect works in a daisy-chain of NCR-80 Non-Contact Radars using the Modbus protocol.


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