Coperion’s DuroProtect Provides Wear Resistance for Airlocks, Valves

The developments in the use of non-wearing materials on rotary valves now enable the successful use of rotary valves as an airlock in pneumatic conveying systems with very abrasive bulk materials and at high pneumatic conveying pressures.In the past, pressure vessel conveyors or screw pumps were mainly used for such applications. However, the use of rotary valves offers a number of advantages such as a lower component weight, lower speeds, minimum or no foundation requirements, and considerably lower electrical power consumption.

In order to provide the mineral industry with the best technical products and to meet the special requirements for handling abrasive products, Coperion developed the wear-resistant DuroProtect group of rotary and diverter valves. Components with the DuroProtect option enable Coperion to reliably convey all powder bulk materials in the mineral industry, including cement, clinker and fly ash.


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