FLSmidth, Carbon8 Systems Partner to Accelerate Carbon Capture

FLSmidth signed a global commercial partnership with UK-based Carbon8 Systems to accelerate the cement industry’s net zero ambitions. 

Carbon capture is essential to achieve a sustainable global cement industry – which currently accounts for 7% to 8% of global carbon emissions – and deliver on FLSmidth’s MissionZero pledge to enable zero emission production by 2030, said the supplier.

FLSmidth will use its global network to extend the reach of Carbon8 Systems’ carbon capture and utilization (CCU) solution. The technology, already deployed at a VICAT cement plant in France, takes CO2 directly from process gasses and combine it with bypass dust from the production to manufacture a lightweight aggregate, which can be used in construction. 

“The cement industry is pursuing every possible solution to reduce its environmental footprint. Carbon capture and utilization is one such technology, with a massive potential, that has reached commercial maturity in recent years,” said Carsten Riisberg Lund, cement president for FLSmidth.

“The combination of C8S’ advanced carbonation technology and our extensive process knowledge will make a significant contribution to the cement industry’s Net Zero ambitions.”

In a joint webinar in October, both companies will lay out the plan for the commercialization of their partnership.  

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