PCA Applauds Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

President Biden and a bipartisan group of senators have announced a deal on infrastructure spending. According to the White House, the price tag comes in at $1.2 trillion over eight years, with $579 billion in new spending, $312 billion specifically for transportation. Other sources peg the legislation as a $973- or $953-billion package.

Sean O’Neill, Portland Cement Association (PCA) senior vice president of government affairs said, “PCA, representing America’s cement manufacturers, applauds the White House and the bipartisan group of 21 senators for reaching a deal on a $953 billion infrastructure package. America’s economic vitality depends on an integrated, national transportation network that moves goods and people safely and efficiently, while ensuring quality of life and economic prosperity for all citizens.

“PCA has continually advocated for passage of a long-term bipartisan infrastructure package and is encouraged that this plan takes the vital steps needed to provide significant investment in our nation’s infrastructure. 

“PCA encourages both parties in Congress to work towards enacting strong bipartisan infrastructure legislation as outlined in the agreement between the White House and the group of bipartisan senators.”

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