CalPortland Mojave Plant Switches to PLC Production

CalPortland plans to fully convert its Mojave cement plant, located 75 miles north of the Los Angeles Basin, to Advancement HS, a blended portland-limestone cement (PLC). 

Scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2022, the switch from ordinary portland to Type IL cement will reduce the 1.3-million-tpy facility’s carbon emissions by 10% on a per ton basis. 

“CalPortland continues its commitment to producing sustainable, resilient materials,” said President and CEO Allen Hamblen. “Portland-limestone cements significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced during the cement manufacturing process without sacrificing performance. The Advancement line of products is another key solution to helping CalPortland and our customers achieve carbon reduction goals.”

The Mojave plant conversion dovetails broad market PLC uptake, underscored by the addition of Advancement HS and other Type IP cements to the California Department of Transportation’s approved materials list. 

CalPortland and peers’ transition to PLC supports the Portland Cement Association’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality, and the industry’s overall efforts to address climate change.

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