Lafarge Canada’s Richmond Plant All In On OneCem

Marking a big shift in helping to reduce CO2 emissions in construction across Western Canada, Lafarge Canada’s Richmond plant will manufacture only OneCem, the company’s lower carbon portland-limestone cement, for use in materials across British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

“OneCem is one of our many answers to building sustainably,” said Brad Kohl, president and CEO of Lafarge in Western Canada. “OneCem offers all the same performance and qualities as standard cements, but with significantly less CO2 emissions.”

The Richmond plant services a wide range of markets in Canada and has supplied its customers with OneCem since 2011. Lafarge Canada officials said the plant’s OneCem CO2 emissions per tonne are 20% below the national Canadian average for GU cement. Concurrently, it’s also 13% lower than the national average for other PLC cements manufactured in Canada. 

The impact of reducing CO2 emissions in the built environment has been identified as a key driver in reducing climate change. “As industry leaders we want to facilitate access to low carbon cements across Canada, and starting with Richmond is a big step toward making that happen,” said Kohl.

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