Holcim US Enlists Parsable to Help with ESG Goals

Holcim US has joined forces with Parsable to deploy the company’s Connected Worker software for environmental compliance at more than 350 Holcim sites in the United States. The digital tool will be key to integrating Holcim’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) objectives with its operational and frontline activities. 

“Sustainability and environmental responsibility drive the way we operate across the Holcim US footprint and we work hard to meet these expectations,” said Michael LeMonds, vice president, environment, land and government affairs, Holcim US. “Leveraging a digital tool that creates a cohesive, agile platform for our environmental teams and site management to access inspection data not only helps drive accountability, but ultimately regulatory compliance to support our local permits and ESG objectives.”

Parsable’s Connected Worker technology enables Holcim to capture, record and analyze environmental work data in near real time, ultimately decreasing compliance deviations and improving environmental performance. 

Users can collaboratively execute tasks using digital work instructions on mobile devices, analyze new information to identify operational trends, flag incomplete jobs or issues on the plant floor, and create reports to share insights locally and across sites. The technology was rolled out to more than 280 sites within the last six months, and will be expanded to the remaining sites by July 31. 

 “Our goal is to enhance our environmental compliance program and eliminate potential errors associated with lost or missing inspection data,” said Jim Carroll, director, environment and land, Holcim US. “By enabling our operators at our facilities to complete their daily tasks and capture information at every step of the way, we can streamline how data is recorded and reduce the time it takes to complete jobs, document inspections, and more.”

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