PSCL’s Self-Service Loading System Addresses Heavy Traffic

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a system that was so foolproof that the drivers could load themselves?”

Out of this basic idea PSCL’s Self-Service Loading (SSL) was born. Drivers load up earlier and later in unattended mode allowing them to avoid heavy traffic patterns. In areas with multiple options for purchasing cement, transport companies go out of their way to load product at locations with SSL installed.

PSCL’s K-series Kiosks continue to set the standard for attended loading for cement. The latest version – the K5 – reduces mean-time between failures (MTBF) with engineering and manufacturing improvements that stand up to 810G military-grade testing, which includes humidity, dust and water penetration, temperature range and thermal shock.

“Our design worked out well. We met 810G, and we decided to see where the limits of the kiosk were. With each spec, we went above and beyond anything that we thought could ever be encountered in the cement industry and we succeeded,” said Vice President–Cement Distribution Craig Leavitt. “By investing in the R&D and listening to our customers’ needs, we’ve avoided having to tack on fixes later. We cost a little more up front, but our cost of ownership is considerably lower. Everyone at PSCL, everyone on my team, stays focused on what will serve our clients best.”



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