CRH Ventures Invests in Carbon Upcycling

CRH Ventures announced an investment in Carbon Upcycling Technologies, a company whose patented technology aligns closely to its circular, zero-waste sustainability values.

Carbon Upcycling’s pioneering technology transforms local industrial byproducts and natural materials into superior additives. This helps to significantly reduce clinker content and CO2 emissions while also enabling cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturers to produce more sustainable products. 

By using waste feedstock such as slag, shale and fly ash, the environmental impact of cement and concrete production is reduced. Carbon Upcycling’s transformation process takes place in situ, cancelling costs associated with transportation and the related CO2 emissions. 

“[Carbon Upcycling] offers one of the most sustainable solutions for the cement industry and we are proud to be part of their journey,” said CRH Ventures. “We are also impressed by the strong team at [Carbon Upcycling], led by Apoorv Sinha, who has recently been recognized with the prestigious ‘Top 35 Under 35’ award from the Canadian Clean50 organization for his ground-breaking work in carbon utilization.”

Through a partnership with Ash Grove, a CRH company, CRH Ventures plans to launch Carbon Upcycling’s first industrial-size facility at Ash Grove’s Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, cement plant. It also aims to scale Carbon Upcycling’s technology across CRH operations while granting the company access to the producer’s 50-plus years of expertise.

“We believe that our collaboration will drive significant progress in the decarbonization of the cement industry, and we look forward to working with the [Carbon Upcycling] team to bring this innovative and sustainable solution to the broader market,” concluded CRH Ventures.

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