Kosmos Cement Selects Siwertell Ship Unloading Technology

Bruks Siwertell has received an order for a next-generation Siwertell road-mobile ship unloader from new customer Kosmos Cement Co. 

The cement producer specializes in high-quality portland cement and has specified Siwertell dry bulk-handling equipment to deliver efficient, environment-friendly ship unloading at its Pittsburgh facility.

“We are delighted that Kosmos Cement Company has selected Siwertell technology,” said Pedro Alfaro, project development engineer, Bruks Siwertell. “Our enclosed, screw-type ship unloading systems were recommended to the company by another Siwertell operator.

“Kosmos Cement Company joins a number of U.S.-based operators looking to Siwertell technology to meet their growing cement volume demands,” continued Alfaro. “Similarly, it needed a reliable cement handling system that would not only ensure environmental performance, but also deliver on capacity, through-ship efficiency and a tight delivery schedule.”

Designed to discharge vessels up to 5,000 dwt, the road-mobile unloader will ensure operational flexibility, along with dust- and spillage-free cement handling at a rated capacity of up to 300 tph. It is planned for delivery in spring 2023.

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