Brimstone Cement Obtains ASTM C150 Certification

Brimstone has received third-party certification that its portland cement processed from calcium silicate rock meets or exceeds ASTM C150, Standard Specification for Portland Cement.

Results of testing by Twining Consulting of Fountain Valley, Calif., validates that Brimstone’s carbon-negative process produces cement that is identical in all respects – performance, safety and composition – to ordinary portland cement produced through the conventional, carbon-intensive process.

“At Brimstone, we believe decarbonizing cement relies on three essential principles: producing the exact same trusted material, at much lower carbon, and at equal or lower cost to other options,” said Cody Finke, co-founder and CEO of the venture capital-backed company. “Not only will our process slash carbon emissions and compete on price, we’ve now proven that it delivers the exact same material relied on by engineers and builders worldwide – and without forcing millions of construction workers to get retrained to use a new material.”

In addition to producing portland cement, Brimstone’s process also produces supplementary cementitious materials – streamlining the supply chain while further reducing emissions.

Brimstone said it is constructing a pilot production facility in northern Nevada for its namesake material, while also engaging in site selection for a commercial-scale operation. It has already initiated negotiations for offtake agreements for its commercial plant with construction companies, as well as real estate and corporate partners.

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