CEMEX Earns Recognition for Conservation Efforts

CEMEX recently received Wildlife Habitat Council certification for 10 environmental conservation programs, bringing the company’s global count of WHC-certified programs to 32.

The recognitions, unveiled during the 2023 WHC Conservation Conference in Baltimore, Md., exemplify the company’s steadfast commitment to biodiversity conservation, a key aspect of its Future in Action program. 

The newly certified programs are at the following sites:

  • El Carmen Nature Reserve (Mexico + USA) – Certified Gold.
  • Las Salinas & Laguna Cabral (Dominican Republic) – Certified Gold.
  • Monterrey: Tanque Prieto + Mitras + ATM (Mexico) – Certified Gold.
  • Clinchfield Cement Plant (USA) – Certified Gold.
  • Lake Wales Sand Mine (USA) – Certified Silver.
  • Victorville Cement Plant (USA) – Certified.
  • Gator Sand Mine (USA) – Certified.
  • Alico Quarry (USA) – Certified.
  • Zapotiltic: La Zoromutera + Palos Colorados (Mexico) – Certified.
  • Merida: Xtepen + Caliza II (Mexico) – Certified.

The El Carmen Nature Reserve also received WHC’s Desert Project of the Year award for its work to protect and restore habitats of the Chihuahuan Desert. The reserve is a private transboundary conservation area in Mexico and the United States that comprises five different ecosystems and is home to a many species of plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

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