Euclid Chemical Opens Cement Additives Lab

Euclid Chemical has opened a new cement additives laboratory at its Cleveland campus in Ohio. The facility will be utilized for new product development and material testing to optimize the use of additives in the cement manufacturing process.

The laboratory, along with a full staff of highly trained technicians, will provide comprehensive analysis that will support in-house research and detailed customer support. Some of the equipment and testing capabilities include: 

  • X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence for compound and elemental identification.
  • Petrographic analysis.
  • Isothermal calorimetry.
  • Particle size analysis.
  • Moisture content analysis.
  • An air jet sieve for particle size distribution.
  • Mechanical crushers for sample preparation.
  • A ball mill for test grinds and the optimization of cement additive formula selection.

“By facilitating a proactive exchange of insights and expertise, this new laboratory will enable us to further our research and development efforts in the field of cement additives,” said Thomas Gairing, president of Euclid Chemical. “Ultimately, this will enhance the quality of research outcomes in the industry and deliver even greater value to our customers.”

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