Spiroflow Launches Revolutionary Bulk Bag Filling System

Spiroflow, an Automated Handling Solutions company, launched a next-generation, twin-line bulk bag filling system, which addresses clients’ needs for increased productivity, accuracy and safety.

The system is able to handle up to 20- x 500-kg bulk bags per hour on each process line – a total of 40 bulk bags. Precise weigh accuracy ensures consistent and accurate filling of each bag, minimizing product waste and optimizing inventory management processes.

One of the system’s notable design innovations is the incorporation of a raising and lowering filling head, specifically engineered to improve the ergonomic load of empty bags for operators. This feature aims to enhance operator comfort and safety, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. Another safety element is the full enclosure of the equipment with safety fencing and interlocked access gates to prevent unauthorized access.

The integration of auto-release hooks and roller conveyors streamlines the entire filling process, allowing for seamless and automated transfer of full bulk bags from the filler to the conveyors. The manufacturer noted that the automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, further enhancing efficiency.

Spiroflow Systems, www.spiroflow.com

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