Terra CO2’s OPUS Receives Further Validation

Terra CO2 Technology, developer of scalable low-carbon alternatives for cement production, reported successful use of its OPUS Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) product for a demonstration pour at the Porsche Sugar Land dealership site in Houston. 

Material testing conducted by Texas-based Alpha Testing confirmed that the binder performs on par with traditional SCMs in terms of durability, strength and functionality. This is the “latest confirmation that underscores the industry’s confidence in the product and its potential to revolutionize sustainable construction,” said the company, noting OPUS SCM is field-ready for construction applications.

“Our work at Terra CO2 is about forging a viable path for sustainable construction. We’re set on creating a blueprint for the future where performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability coexist seamlessly across projects,” said Bill Yearsley, CEO of Terra CO2. “We’re moving beyond the lab, beyond the processes that have held us back as an industry, and introducing a sustainable solution to real-world applications.”

The proprietary process behind OPUS SCM uses widely available silicate-based raw materials, readily sourced from aggregate operations. To reach commercial level output, Terra CO2 has developed an advanced processing facility that produces precisely engineered SCMs.

OPUS SCM can be substituted for up to 40% of portland cement for use in concrete and directly replace fly ash as an economically superior SCM.

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